Following a hotly contested announcement by Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, that the Dubs amendment would be prematurely closed, press and members of all parties have rallied to condemn her decision.

Quilliam was the first to state in our report published on Monday that refusing to provide safe passage for unaccompanied refugee children would encourage illicit smuggling and human trafficking activities. Reducing entry to this vulnerable group will increase the risk of modern slavery and raise chances of young people being vulnerable to extremism.

Nikita Malik, leading author of the report, says “The removal of the Dubs amendment increases the likelihood of refugee children pursuing alternative routes of entry into the UK, making them more vulnerable to recruitment by groups such as ISIS, amplifying the power and sustainability of extremist networks”.

For press enquiries please contact Nikita Malik at [email protected] or 02071827283.

Quilliam’s new report on refugees can be downloaded here.