Ben Dubow

Ben Dubow is an expert in extremist propaganda, with eight years of tracking the spread of radical content online. Ben’s expertise is in jihadist propaganda, collective identity, Islamic history, and data analytics. Ben began his career at SITE Intelligence where his reports and translations appeared in Reuters and AFP. He spent the previous four years at Google, where he partnered with Jigsaw a project to improve the flagging of jihadist content on YouTube and on Redirect, an effort to deliver counter messaging on extremist search results. Ben is a director of Code To Inspire, a nonprofit that teaches Afghan women to code and find work online.

Mr. Dubow’s research has been cited in the Asian Journal of Political Science and in the Journal of Political Studies and acknowledged in the American Psychiatric Association’s Psychiatric Services. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Dubow is a Tech Fellow at Quilliam North America and the COO of Omelas, a firm that uses data analytics and machine learning to defeat violent extremism.