Gemma La Guardia

Gemma is the Executive Assistant to the CEO and a Researcher.

She graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands in August 2018 and holds a BA in “International Studies: Middle East with Arabic and Hebrew”. Gemma grew up in London in an international family and speaks seven languages.

At university, Gemma was the cover artist and a regular contributor to the student-run magazine, BAISMAG, and has completed various internships in journalism and media, including at Thomson Reuters news agency.

Gemma has been a passionate advocate for refugee rights, and has volunteered much of her spare time working on programs such as Nataba’del in The Hague, a language exchange café for Arabic students and Iraqi and Syrian refugees, or at Salusbury World in London, a charity helping to support and empower refugee and migrant children.

Her research has focused mainly on culture and society in Israel and Palestine and the causes, effects and politics of migration. She is a keen follower of the Yemeni conflict and Gulf politics.