Mohamed Fatah

Mohamed Fatah is a Senior Fellow at Quilliam, North America where he focuses on Africa and the Middle East political, military, counterterrorism and countering
violent extremism issues. He is a former senior policy adviser with more than a decade of experience in foreign policy and national security.

Mr. Fatah had a distinguished career in the U.S. Government, where he developed, coordinated, analyzed, and measured complex military, security, counterterrorism and countering violent extremist programs. In this capacity, he led the efforts to develop strategies, plans, and initiatives impacting Africa and the Middle East, most notably efforts to counter violent extremist groups in the Horn of Africa region and Yemen.

Mr. Fatah played a significant role in the development of U.S. policies and initiatives to counter the radicalization process overseas and domestically, advising the National Security Council (NSC), and was the author on strategies and routinely advised the White House, and other departments and agencies as well as U.S. congress.

Finally, Mr. Fatah brings to any discussion an unparalleled depth of expertise in Somalia, and the region and continues to play an active advisory role in today’s most sensitive political, military and security issues. Mr. Fatah is fluent in Somali, and Arabic.