Omar Ahmed

Omar has been part of the Quilliam apparatus since Quilliam first launched. With a diverse range of skills and expertise in risk management, Omar has been instrumental in safeguarding events and protecting dignitaries during high profile public appearances.

Omar holds a master’s degree in Security and Risk Management from Leicester University and is a licensed close protection operative, with over a decade of experience with diverse cliental, ranging from Royal families, to top media and sports personalities. Omar has also worked as a risk management consultant in the Af-Pak region, supporting USAID projects.

Quilliam are now able to offer its services in the field of security and risk management, and help other entities and organisations protect themselves from risk. We are able to offer the following services:

  • Close protection and personal protection services
  • Event security and protection
  • Risk assessment and operational planning
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Political risk analysis
  • Security risk analysis
  • Hostile environment training
  • Anti-kidnapping and hostage survival training
  • Security policy and procedures for high risk entities operating in hostile environments
  • Security and travel advisory
  • Profile protection – this is security protection for online social content and information