02 December 2015

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Quilliam and our work to counter extremism. Thanks to your donations, we were able to produce the successful #NotAnotherBrother counter-narrative campaign with our partners at Verbalisation.

This video received half a billion impressions in the first week, and over 70,000 YouTube views since it was released. It was shown on live television, has been played at schools, is being presented at international conferences, and has now won Silver in the Public Sector category at the DMA Awards.

We talk often about building a civil society coalition to counter extremism of all kinds. This is exactly what you are. Without your support, we would not have been able to produce such a successful campaign. From all of us at Quilliam: thank you and congratulations!

Amid the debate in the House of Commons on military intervention in Syria, we remind everyone that ISIS will manipulate both action and inaction for their radicalisation and recruitment purposes, and therefore urge a full spectrum strategy that challenges Salafi-jihadist ideology and Islamist narratives.

The attacks in Paris remind us that this work must continue to find alternative narratives to ISIS.

Following the heinous attacks which engulfed Paris over the weekend of 13th November, Quilliam staff were on the ground, providing consultation, analysis and support where we could. What we saw both shocked and reassured us.

The aim of the Paris massacre was to cause polarisation, fear, overreaction and hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims. On our trip to Paris we found that the terrorists did not succeed.

We saw unity in place of polarisation, love in place of hatred, and defiance in place of fear. The citizens of Paris showed remarkable strength. This kind of inherent passion, moderation and unity, is exactly how we know that we will prevail in the face of extremism.

This is what we saw.

Vive la France.