22nd October 2010


Quilliam today released ‘Asian, British and Muslim in 1990’, the transcript of a speech delivered by Iqbal Wahhab to Oxford University’s Asian society in the wake of ‘the Rushdie Affair’ in 1989.

The speech is remarkable for showing the surprising longevity of many of the issues facing Britain’s Muslim communities – indeed issues surrounding free speech, education, politics and identity, to name just a few, remain just as hotly debated and contested today as they were in 1990. The speech is also a useful reminder for policy-makers to avoid seeking short-term fixes that may do little to alter longer-term trajectories.

Wahhab, now chair of advisors at Quilliam, gave his speech amid a background that had witnessed the emergence of political advocacy in the UK framed specifically around issues pertaining to Muslims, and pertaining to Islam.

A PDF of the transcript is available here.