28 February 2011

Quilliam has this morning published a briefing paper‘Building a Libyan coalition’, that outlines how the international community can work with anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya to create a broad national coalition that can:

a.) Coordinate opposition to Gaddafi’s surviving regime
b.) Prevent the newly liberated areas of Libya from collapsing into chaos
c.) Encourage Gaddafi’s remaining supporters to lay down their arms and rally neutral Libyan tribes to support the opposition
d.) Provide a point of contact for the international community
e.) Evolve into a broad-based interim government that can ultimately prepare the way for a peaceful transition towards democracy in Libya

The briefing particularly recommends that the international community work with Libyan opposition forces to create an unified pro-democracy national coalition based around anti-Gaddafi members of the ‘Free Officers Movement’, the military group that originally took power with Gaddafi in a coup in 1969. Many of these Free Officers are today highly-respected senior members of the Libyan regular army and since the 17 February uprising they have played a leading role in the struggle to overthrow Gaddafi.


The briefing is available to download as a PDF here.