Donate to our crowdfunding campaign to counter extremism online now

Quilliam has launched a crowdfunding campaign ‘Countering Extremism Together’ on IndieGoGo, that aims to raise £25,000. Click here to view the campaign and donate!

Your donations will be used to create counter-narrative videos to challenge radicalisation, a process that exploits Islam, manipulates grievances, and turns vulnerable people to violence. At Quilliam we are committed to preventing this process and see how the internet can be used more effectively to fight back.

The IndieGoGo campaign will run for 40 days, beginning on 19 February 2015.

‘Countering Extremism Together’ will promote the whole of society to come together to challenge extremism of all kinds. We call on people of all backgrounds, religious denominations and political leanings to show solidarity against violence, discrimination, and hatred.

Three things that are important to this which the Quilliam counter-narrative videos will address are:

1) Building resilience to prevent vulnerable people from falling prey to extremism. We will do this by addressing all the things that extremists exploit and demonstrating what makes living and engaging in a pluralist and democratic society so great.

2) Raising awareness of radicalisation and the actions of extremist groups that want to curb your freedoms. We will do this by analysing extremist organisations, cutting through their propaganda to reveal the truth, and understanding how they came about.

3) Promoting the best ways to tackle extremism in an effective, responsible and proportionate way, free of racism and anti-Muslim hatred, sensationalism and apologia, while upholding the universal human rights values that are crucial to this struggle. We will do this by learning from previous successful and unsuccessful efforts to tackle extremism, here in the UK and all around the world.

You can read more about our campaign and donate here.

There are also exciting rewards available for people who donate, ranging from:

• a limited edition #OpenYourEyes glow in the dark wristband
• being included as an executive producer in the credits of the counter-narrative videos
• a signed copy of RADICAL
• two advanced VIP tickets to Quilliam’s summer ball
• a VIP private dinner with our chairman Maajid Nawaz

Will you counter extremism together with us? Donate, pass this email on to your friends and share the link on social media, so we can all counter extremism together.

Thank you!

Ps. Click here to donate to the campaign!