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We will not cower,

Nor capitulate.

You may fire your arrows

Straight at our chests,

But know they will fall harmlessly at our feet,

For we will never surrender our values,

Our way of life.

We will fight for liberty,

Pluralism and tolerance,

For without these ideals

Life becomes a dark, empty cavern;

A hostile, barren wilderness.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder

With all those affected,

Whether in Peshawar or Paris;

Baghdad or Beirut.

For every victim we shall light a candle,

Embrace its warm glow,

Watch it flicker and dance,



The loss of life it represents.

We will not succumb to your tactics of division,

The tactics of “us and them”,

For this is a road that leads not to healing,

Not to progress,

But to further despair.

Let us not be divided by race, religion or creed.

Let us unite around a common good.

Together, we will renounce this wicked ideology,

This cult of death,

For it is a relic of antiquity

And belongs not in modernity.

Let us acknowledge our civic duties

And share in this responsibility,

For if we do not rally together,

As one,

Then this battle,

This universal struggle,

Is already lost.

So let us take a stand,

Let us unite,

Let us be defiant.

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