On 5th November Quilliam Director Maajid Nawaz attended a conference on Understanding Islamism at Wilton Park. The conference was organized in co-operation with the Association of Chief Police Officers, Terrorism and Allied Matters (ACPO TAM) and Office of Security and Counter Terrorism Prevent (OSCT) to determine the extent to which Islamism is compatible with the shared values that underpin government policies on social cohesion and preventing extremism.


Notable speakers at the three-day conference were Charles Farr (Director General of OSCT), John Wright (the National Coordinator of Prevent and Intelligence for ACPO TAM), and Tony Heal (the Head of the Interventions Department at OSCT). The conference also drew on the expertise of policy makers, historians, academics, and researchers from the UK and the USA.


Maajid spoke on the panel entitled ‘Do non-violent Islamist groups feed violent radicalization or inoculate against it?’ alongside Anshuman Mondal of Brunel University, London.