Quilliam Global believes that civil society must play a leading role in preventing radicalisation and countering extremism. That’s why we help build international programmes to build the capacity of civil society. We also participate in and consult on a lot of other programmes to share our experience and expertise with others who have the same goal as us.

For too long governments have tried to counter extremism by themselves, have not engaged or communicated effectively with communities and civil society, and have often alienated the very people who can make a difference by overly securitising counter-extremism. We work with governments to show them another way, and we pledge to train, support and coordinate different stakeholders in civil society to ensure they can play a key role in counter-extremism.

Our work with TERRA to engage with frontline workers such as teachers and youth workers is one example of this. Through FATE, we aim to support families and civil society organisations who work with them to make effective counter-extremism interventions.