In concert with Quilliam HQ’s office, serve as the premier counter extremist organization leading and collaborating with others to produce timely, precise and evidence based analysis that is indispensable to policymakers, practitioners and community partners to combat violent extremism.

We are committed to accomplishing our mission through iterative learning, constant evaluation and open and honest dialogue from across various elements of society.

Guiding Principles

We seek to lead the community of academics, practitioners and policymakers in the effort to combat the terrorist threat in North America in all its ideological forms (i.e. Ethno-nationalists, Eco, Islamist, Cyber, etc.) and to provide meaningful, practical and local approaches to promote diverse, inclusive and healthy communities.


Be recognized as the premier producer of counter extremist analysis in North America

Stay true to global human values of tolerance, respect, inclusiveness and dialogue

Be proactive not reactive to events

Embrace diversity of opinion and thought

Stay a learning organization open to various viewpoints

Set the standard in analytical counter extremist tradecraft with deep subject matter expertise