Quilliam North America policy and research aims to synthesize the academic expertise of our staff and advisors, the personal experiences of former extremists, a practitioner’s perspective derived from our programs, and evidence based research rooted in good practices here in North America and throughout the globe.

Our analytical strategic assessments are rooted in original research that seeks to shape policymakers in Washington and throughout the globe and provide value added perspectives that are innovative in the realm of radicalization and countering the extremist narrative.


Our advisory training support fuses together our experts who come from the private sector, governmental, frontline practitioners, and uniquely, former extremist groups who offer unparalleled insights, access and perspectives to help solve some of the world’s complex issues as it relates to violent extremism. We work with governmental, private sector, non-profit and community partners to address the specific needs to counter, deter and prevent the spread of extremism.

Programs/Mainstreaming Against Extremism Campaigns

Our programmatic efforts work closely with civil society, religious and governmental entities to help design, implement and execute specific programs in North America. Furthermore, we employ iterative monitoring and evaluation approaches to constantly learn from our efforts and work closely with our international partners to create global good practices that can be shared domestically.

We also work closely with the private sector to learn about new and innovative techniques using arts, music and culture to find fresh perspectives to mainstream efforts against extremism.