5th January 2013: Dr Usama Hasan featured on the panel of “Have Muslims Misunderstood Evolution?”, a conference organised by The Deen Institute. He appeared alongside Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Professor Fatimah L.C. Jackson, Dr Oktar Babuna and Professor Ehab Abouheif in an event chaired by Myriam Francois-Cerrah and Adam Deen of the Deen Institute.

The Deen Institute hosted its first ‘Dialogue within Islam’ event. The conference titled: Have Muslims Misunderstood Evolution?, for the first time in the UK, witnessed prominent Muslims tackling the controversial topic of evolution in a public forum.

‘Dialogue within Islam’ events seek to engage with challenging ideas of concern to Muslims, in a setting that allows for critical dialogue.

Historically, Muslims have held conflicting opinions on the theory of evolution and whether science and Islamic theology share a point of convergence. In recent years, a polarised debate on the topic has left many Muslims confused as to what Islam does, or doesn’t say, about human evolution.

The Deen Institute therefore provided a platform to different viewpoints so that the topic could be debated and examined in an honest, respectful and tolerant environment.

The conference elucidated the issue of human evolution from an Islamic viewpoint, and provided the audience with a clear understanding of the points of convergence between contemporary scientific theories and Islamic theology.