July 2008


Quilliam co-director Ed Husain is in Egypt as part of an official Projecting British Islam (PBI) delegation organised by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The delegation includes high-profile British Muslims including Sidi Aftab Malik, a visiting Fellow at the department of Culture and Ethnicity at the University of Birmigham, Shaikh Usama Hassan, Abdul-Rehman Malik of RMW Sidi Wael Zubi from Tabah Foundation. On the 7th of July they met with top students from al-Azhar University in Cairo, followed by Amr Khaled’s Right Start Foundation and several other NGOs. They conducted media interviews, and met with young Muslims from across Cairo and explained the emerging phenomenon of British Islam, a multi-faceted pluralistic faith and how Muslims and Islam have a home in Britain.


In the evening, the delegation met with Jamal al-Banna, prolific intellectual and brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna. Jamal al-Banna is well known for both his vocal and profound critique of Islamism and Islamist movements.


Video diaries were made by the various delegates:


Ed Husain

Days 1 & 2    Days 3 & 4


Aftab Malik

Video Diary


Kirsten Chambers

Video Diary


Wael Zubi

(Arabic Video Diary)

More Pictures in al-Azhar and other places in Egypt.