Quilliam Events 2010

Noman Benotman awarded Alumni status by NESA Center for Strategic Studies, 08/12/2010
Quilliam roundtable ‘Al-Qaeda: past, present and future’, 22/11/2010
Quilliam holds fringe event at Conservative party conference in partnership with Policy Exchange, 05/10/10
Quilliam holds fringe event at Labour party conference in partnership with Progress, 28/09/10
Quilliam holds fringe event at Lib Dem party conference in partnership with Centre Forum, 22/09/10
Quilliam Roundtable – In conversation with Pakistan’s leading rock star, Salman Ahmad, from rock band Junoon, 19/05/10
Quilliam Roundtable – The Uighurs: China’s forgotten Muslims, 12/04/10
Quilliam Roundtable – Refuting Al-Qaeda: Former jihadists and the battle of ideologies, 11/01/10


Quilliam Outreach 2010

Talal Rajab speaks at Watford Boys Grammar School, 03/12/2010
Talal Rajab delivers presentation to students from Westminster City High School, 17/11/2010 
Maajid Nawaz and Lucy James speak to MA students at City University, 13/11/2010
Talal Rajab delivers training workshop on Islamism and terrorism at The Stowe Centre, Westminster, 12/11/2010
Talal Rajab and Ghaffar Hussain deliver ‘Far-right extremism and methods to counter it’ training, 03/11/2010
 Ghaffar Hussain speaks to the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, 02/11/2010
 Ghaffar Hussain speaks at Keele University, 21/10/2010
 Talal Rajab speaks at Westminster City High School, 05/10/2010
 Lucy James speaks at girls’ school in south London, 14/09/2010
 Maajid Nawaz speaks at the Association of European Journalists, 02/09/10
 Talal Rajab attends al-Hidaya 2010 event, 07/08/10
James Brandon speaks at Queen Mary University, 15/07/10
‘Khudi’, new Pakistani social movement, launches, 28/06/10 
Talal Rajab addresses young Muslim students in East London, 24/06/10
Quilliam delivers presentation at Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Counter-Terrorism Seminar, 18/06/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks on ‘Islam vs Islamism: is there a difference?’ at the University of Cambridge, 24/05/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks at Westminster University, 15/04/10
Ed Husain speaks about radicalization on university campuses at King’s College London, 31/03/10
Maajid Nawaz discusses Islamism with students at the London School of Economics, 16/03/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks at the Universities of Durham and Oxford, 01 & 02/03/10
Ed Husain speaks at the University of Oxford, 23/02/10
Ed Husain speaks at University College London, 03/02/10
Maajid Nawaz discusses extremism with Oxford University’s Pakistan Society, 21/01/10
Maajid Nawaz addresses audience at Leeds University, 15/01/10
QOTU Trainer Ishtiaq Hussain speaks to Westminster school, 06/01/10


Conferences, Seminars and Debates (UK) 2010

Talal Rajab debates Saudi dissident Mohammed al-Massari, 20/11/2010
James Brandon speaks on Yemen at the Frontline Club, 03/11/2010
James Brandon speaks at UCL debate on terrorism, 26/10/2010
Ghaffar Hussain delivers presentation to ‘Homeland Security in India’ event, 07/10/2010
Talal Rajab speaks at the ‘European Conference on Violent Extremism’ in Croydon, London, 04/10/2010
Ed Husain speaks to members of the Jewish Society at the University of Manchester, 28/09/2010
Ed Husain on ‘The reality of radicalization and how to prevent it’, Warwickshire, 20/05/10
Maajid addresses Counter Terror Expo 2010, London, 15/04/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks on Islamist radicalization to the next generation of leaders in the British Armed Forces, UK Defence Academy, 29/03/10
Maajid Nawaz is hosted by Article 19 on challening extremism, House of Parliament, 25/03/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks on domestic policy towards Islamism, King’s College London, 25/03/10
James Brandon speaks to Moroccan journalists at Media Diversity Institute, 25/02/10

Maajid Nawaz gives Amnesty’s annual lecture on ‘Pluralism: A weapon against intolerance’, University of Buckingham, 18/02/10

James Brandon speaks to Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University, 03/02/10


International Conferences, Seminars and Debates  2010

Ghaffar Hussain speaks at OSCE Conference in Bosnia, 09/12/2010
James Brandon addresses OCSE cyber-terrorism conference in Armenia, 8-9/12/2010
Ghaffar Hussain speaks at OSCE Workshop in Tajikistan, 7-8/12/2010
Noman Benotman addresses international terrorism conference in Spain, 16-18/11/2010
Ghaffar Hussain speaks at international conference in Weisbaden, Germany, 20/10/2010
Ghaffar Hussain speaks at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, 13/10/2010
Maajid Nawaz participates in Intelligence Squared debate in New York City, 06/10/2010
Talal Rajab speaks at ‘Safeguarding Australia’ event in Canberra, Australia, 22/09/2010
Maajid Nawaz and Ghaffar Hussain deliver Radicalization Awareness training to Ohio police, 17/09/10
Maajid Nawaz and Ghaffar Hussain speak to Somali youth and parents of Colombus, Ohio, 16/09/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks at Google Zeitgeist, 14/09/10
Ed Husain speaks on de-radicalization efforts in New York City, 23/06/10
Ed Husain speaks at the International Peace Institute in New York City, 22/06/10
James Brandon gives talk on Yemen and terrorism to the New York Police Department, New York, 22/04/10
James Brandon addresses Jamestown Foundation conference on Yemen, Washington DC, 15/04/10
Ghaffar Hussain speaks to law enforcement officials about Islamist recruitment, Bern, Switzerland, 14/04/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks to diplomats and army personnel about the threat of Islamism, Rome, Italy, 12/04/10 
Ghaffar Hussain delivers training session to senior Iraqi military officers, Hulbert Field, Florida, 30/03/10
Mohammed Ali Musawi takes part in British Muslim delegation to Algeria, 06-12/03/10
Maajid Nawaz participates in Europol Conference in The Hague, 11/03/10
Ghaffar Hussain explains Islamist radicalization in Washington DC, 23-26/02/10
Maajid Nawaz speaks at the Pakistan Young Leaders’ Conference, lslamabad, Pakistan, 12/02/10
Ghaffar Hussain discusses the role of the media in challenging prejudice, Egypt, 01/02/10