Quilliam Outreach 2012

Historic Visit of Baroness Cox to the Islamic Sharia Council, hosted by Usama Hasan, 1st May 2012
Maajid Nawaz Participates in Forum at Cambridge University Debating Society, 5th March 2012
Noman Benotman Speaks at St Andrews Model UN, 28th February 2012
Maajid Nawaz Debates at Trinity College Dublin, 9th February 2012
Noman Benotman Participates in Debate at Cambridge Union Society, 9th February 2012

Maajid Nawaz Speaks at Parkstone School for Girls, Poole 8th February 2012


Conferences, Seminars and Debates (UK) 2012

Maajid Nawaz delivers talk at Cyber Defence and Security Conference, London 25 January 2012


International Conferences, Seminars and Debates  2012


Prague, Czech Republic – Noman Benotman Attend Middle East Regional Security and Cooperation Conference held by UCLA Center for Middle East Development, Czech Foreign Ministry and Swiss Foreign Ministry. 1-5 March 2012

Garmisch, Germany – Maajid Nawaz Holds Lecture on Terrorist Narratives as part of the Program on Terrorism and Security Studies at George C Marshall European Center For Security Studies, 22-24 February 2012
Kuwait City, Kuwait – Noman Benotman Attends the 9th Meeting of the Global Strategy Group in the Middle East 6-7 February 2012