Quilliam Events 2008
Quilliam roundtable with Gilles Kepel: “Muslims and Multiculturalism in Britain: Where did we go wrong?” 08/12/08
Quilliam hosts its first roundtable: “The Year Ahead: British Muslims in 2009 – Where Next?” 24/11/08
Quilliam Launch: ‘Reviving Western Islam & Uniting Against Extremism’, British Museum, London 22/04/08


Conferences, Seminars and Debates (UK) 2007 – 2008
Usman Raja speaks at “Understanding Islam” Conference, UK Defence Academy 12/12/08
Director Maajid Nawaz speaks at the Institute for Public Policy Research’s roundtable on “Western engagement with Islamist political parties” 25/11/08
Usman Raja talks about “Bridging Communities through the mercy of the Prophet” 22/11/08
Director Maajid Nawaz speaks at Amnesty International Student Conference 7-9/11/2008
Usman Raja speaks at a Frontline Club discussion on “The rise of the British jihad” 30/10/08
Tony Blair Faith Foundation panel discussion 25/09/08
Luton Central Mosque Hosts Quilliam Directors 26/07/08
Ed Husain at ISB’s 2008 Summer Camp 19/07/08
Rashad Ali Speaks at CLG Seminar – Preventing Violent Extremism 09/07/08
Maajid Nawaz Addresses London Probation Services 08/07/08
Maajid Nawaz on ‘Islam and Liberal Democracy: are they Compatible?’ – CIVITAS 30/06/08
Ed Husain in Scotland’s Tackling Terrorism Conference 20/06/08
Rashad Ali speaks at IDeA Conference, London 10/06/08
Maajid Nawaz speaks at IGPB Conference, Belfast Northern Ireland 07/05/08
Maajid Nawaz on ‘Understanding Islamism’ Hampshire Police 23/04/08
Ed Husain Speaks at London Book Fair 14/04/08
Maajid Nawaz speaks at IISS briefing 09/04/08
Rashad Ali speaks at Institute of Ideas with Bishopsgate Institute on ‘Still the opium of the masses? Religion and radicalizm’ 06/03/08
‘Change the world’ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking on a panel with Catherine Fieschi, Tony McNulty (MP), Sadiq Khan (MP), Sir David Olmand, and Shami Chakrabarti at the Fabian Society Conference 19/01/08
Literature and Terrorism‘ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking with Martin Amis and Maureen Freely at a debate organised by the Centre for New Writing 03/12/07
The West and the future of Islam‘ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking in opposition to Ayan Hirsi Ali at a debate organised by The Centre for Social Cohesion 20/11/07
Show a little faith: Should progressives engage with political Islam?‘ Speaker Ed Husain. Speaking as a member of a panel at the Progress annual conference 03/11/07
In and out of Islamism‘ Speaker: Maajid Nawaz. Hosted by City Circle 02/11/07
Defeating Terrorism: Can We ‘Win’ a War on Terror‘ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking as a member of a panel at the Labour Party Conference 26/09/07
Winning the War on Terror‘ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking with Paddy Ashdown at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference 19/09/07
The Rise of Religion: East & West‘ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking as a member of a panel at the Edinburgh International Book festival 21/08/07


Conferences, Seminars and Debates (outside UK) 2007 – 2008
The Quilliam Foundation participate in the Summit of the “Global Alliance of Youth Movements Against Violent Extremism” in New York 4-5/12/08
Quilliam Director Maajid Nawaz and Head of Training Ghaffar Hussain speak at EU Conference on “Recognizing Radicalization (RecoRa)”, Amsterdam 27-28/11/08
Senior Research Fellow James Brandon takes part in British Council conference on youth in the Arab World, Jordan 18-20/11/08
Director Maajid Nawaz participates in launch of “European Muslim Professionals Action Network”, Salzburg 16-20/11/2008
Director Maajid Nawaz moderates a discussion on Violent Extremism in Europe, Germany 05-07/11/08
Ghaffar Hussain speaks at a conference on “Countering youth radicalization, what works and what doesn’t”, Brussels, 29/10/08
Director Maajid Nawaz speaks at Georgetown University, Washington DC 28/10/08 
Director Maajid Nawaz address conference on “Secularism in the Muslim Diaspora”, Washington DC 27/10/08
Director Maajid Nawaz speaks at seminar in Granada, Spain 09/10/08
Quilliam co-Director Ed Husain visits Bali, Indonesia 10/2008
US Tour September 2008 Harvard Law School: Former Islamist extremists address the global war on terrorism, Harvard Law Record, 18/09/08
Maajid Nawaz: Roots of Violent Islamist Extremism and Efforts to Counter it – US Senate Washington (HSGAC) 10/07/08
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Maajid Nawaz: Uniting Against Extremism Homeland Security Policy Institute 11/07/08
Maajid Nawaz: Way Back From Islamism Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy 11/07/08
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Maajid Nawaz Speaks at the Center for National Policy Washington 09/07/08
Ed Husain in British Muslim Delegation to Egypt 07/08
Maajid Nawaz & Dawud Masieh visit Dublin, Ireland 03/05/08
Maajid Nawaz and Ed Hussain in Copenhagen, Denmark 03-05/04/08
Maajid Nawaz and Ed Husain in Vienna, Austria 01-03/04/08
Rashad Ali visits Belfast, Northern Ireland 01/04/08
Maajid Nawaz and Ed Husain in Athens, Greece 30-31/03-08
Muslims and their involvement in society‘ Speakers: Maajid Nawaz & Abdul-Wahid Pedersen. Hosted by Muslims in Dialogue (Denmark) 09/12/07
‘Explaining Hizb ut-Tahrir’ Speakers: Maajid Nawaz & Dawud Masieh.
Hosted by Muslims in Dialogue (Denmark) 08/12/07

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Muslims and the West: Living Together – but how?‘ Speaker: Ed Husain. Speaking as a member of a panel at an event organised by Women Without Borders (Vienna) 18/10/07


Muslim Theologians
Loving God and Neighbour in Word and Deed: Implications for Christians and Muslims Yale Divinity School – Shaikh Habib Ali al-Jifri and T J Winter among others, 30/07/08