Press Release

5 November 2015

Quilliam is pleased to announce that Adam Deen, a former senior member of the proscribed Islamist extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, founded by Omar Bakri and subsequently led by Anjem Choudhary, has today joined our team.

Since leaving Al-Muhajiroun over a decade ago, Adam has continued his gradual journey away from extremism and subsequently founded the Deen Institute in 2011. He has totally recanted his commitment to the Islamist ideology, and now entirely distances himself from extremism of all kinds. He will play a major part in the expansion of Quilliam’s outreach and theological studies department.

On joining Quilliam, Adam Deen says:

“Merely condemning ISIS is insufficient. We must strike at the heart of the toxic ideology that gives rise to such entities in the first place. I have joined Quilliam to contribute to this vital work and look forward to the challenges ahead.”

Adam’s full testimony on why he has joined Quilliam can be read here. He will be available on twitter today to answer questions about his decision and plans for the future. You can contact him on the twitter handle @adamdeen and using the hashtag is #askadamdeen.

Quilliam’s Managing Director Haras Rafiq says:

“Adam has undergone an extraordinary journey and will be a great asset in helping Quilliam counter the ideology that foments Islamist extremism as well as playing a leading role in helping build a stronger civil society coalition against extremism of all kinds. Alongside some of our other staff members, he has been through the radicalisation process and has now deradicalised. I am certain that he will play a pivotal role at Quilliam and I look forward to working with him”

Quilliam is available for comment by calling 02071827284 or by emailing [email protected].