On the 13th of October, Quilliam’s Head of Outreach and Training Ghaffar Hussain, spoke on a panel at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. The event was organised by the East-West Institute in conjunction with Zayed University. The panel, which was chaired by Louise Richardson (Principal of St. Andrews University), also included Dr. Lahcen Achy of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, Dr. Greg Austin of the East-West Institute and General (ret.) Chuck Wald who is a now a senior advisor to Deloitte Services.
The discussion focused on defining economic security in the 21st century, in light of the increase in insecurity created by the rise of non-state actors. Ghaffar spoke about the key reasons why many feel excluded from our new globalised and economically integrated world order. He identified four key motivations which can be used to explain the views of such people, namley economic inequalities, injustices, identity and dislocation and subversive ideologies.