Global Jihadist Insurgency Hits Europe: Belgium in danger of becoming European extremism hotbed

Quilliam Calls for Grassroots Action

22 March 2016

Quilliam stands in solidarity with Belgium and our partners in Europe following the devastating attacks in Brussels this morning which has seen the death of at least 34 people and many more injured. The multiple attacks in the regions of Zaventem and Maelbeek seems to be in line with recent attacks in Paris where multiple targets were attacked simultaneously.

Like Quilliam, security services across Europe and the Middle East have predicted such coordinated multi-casualty attacks in recent years and the sad reality is that there are likely be more. The priority now is to care for victims, support their families, catch the perpetrators, and prevent reprisal or copycat attacks and not allow fears to affect our strategic decision and domestic voting patterns.

Quilliam is concerned that radical cells in Belgium possesses a bomb making capability of this level and access to automatic rifles. Similar to jihadists in Paris, the Brussels attackers have relied on support from a wider network of operatives to supply bomb making materials, logistics, reconnaissance and possibly a level of security training.

Unravelling this wider network will be key in reducing its operational security, disbanding breeding grounds for continued radicalisation to violence, identifying dangerous individuals, offsetting a continued barrage of attacks, and allowing Belgium to recover and grow strong again.

For a full spectrum counter terrorism response, we must look to the future and examine the ideological underpinnings of these radical cells within our communities. Families and local communities providing organic resilience to local extremism is the best way to dismantle the threat.

The solution starts at home.

Quilliam Managing Director Haras Rafiq says:

“Quilliam is partnering to launch a new initiative, FATE or Families Against Terrorism and Extremism, to empower families to intervene on behalf of at risk individuals — to guide them down a better path and offset tragedies like the one we saw today in Brussels. 

By bringing together families and community partners at the grassroots level, we can provide a more comprehensive solution to preventing these attacks earlier and help vulnerable people find positive, productive outlets within a free society. Family members have some of the most powerful influence over young people, and we need to band together to support one another. “

We’ve had enough carnage in Europe and it’s time to act – Click on the FATE website and join the civil society fightback