As Quilliam continues to expand in Europe and beyond, working with international governments and civil society networks alike, Quilliam is adapting to demand. Haras Rafiq, having served as Managing Director for 2 years, will now join the board, where he will continue his strategic services with major international stakeholders and build Quilliam’s global profile.

Maajid Nawaz, Founding Chairman of Quilliam, welcomes Haras Rafiq as the new CEO of Quilliam, commenting: “Haras has a long experience of delivering CVE work across multiple sectors and it is this knowledge which will be invaluable as we jointly establish Quilliam in North America.”

Sustaining and expanding Quilliam’s UK operations will now rest with Adam Deen, having joined Quilliam to lead the Outreach Department last year. The now CEO of Quilliam, Haras Rafiq, has said: “Adam will make a great Managing Director – his unique insight and experience in counter-extremism is a real asset to our work and I look forward to working with him closely on the future of Quilliam’s domestic projects.”

The newly appointed Managing Director UK, Adam Deen, says: “I am delighted to be appointed as the new Managing Director UK at Quilliam. I assume my role at an exciting and challenging time for the counter-extremism space and will be aiming for us to move forward to even more growth and expansion in the near future.”

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