Quilliam Print and Web Coverage
  The ‘Muslim Question’, a tripartite ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Ugly’ post-colonial mess, Maajid Nawaz 5th December 2011
   These Egyptian generals are dinosaurs, Maajid Nawaz 22nd November 2011
  Libya after Gaddafi: profile of Islamist military commander Abdel Hakim Behladj 20th October 2011
  IYCF 2011: Pakistan itself to blame for ruined relations with the international community’ 21st October 2011

Post-Gaddafi Era: Libya’s Diverse Islamists Seek Political Role. Michael Klimes, 21 October 2011


Exile has taught me how vital freedom is.  Noman Benotman, 21October 2011

 Who are the Haqqanis?. Ghaffar Hussain- 12 October 2011
  Insight: On the run, Gaddafi leaves few footprints. William Maclean, 5 October 2011
  “I told bin Laden not to attack the U.S…but he said he couldn’t cancel”  – Lucy Snow 3rd October
   I was a soldier of the Queen… now I’m a soldier of Allah – Oliver Harvey 1 October 2011

US drone killing of Anwar al-Awlaki reinforces terrorists – Maajid Nawaz 1 October 2011
  Profile: An American Jihadist Cassel Bryan-Low and Paul Sonne 30 September 2011
   Libyan Militias Amass Weapons – Simon Denyer 19 September 2011
   Toxic tyrant’s chemical cavern, 11 September 2011
Congressman in UK for Radicalization Probe. 13 September 2011 
  Noman Benotman discusses Libya on Inside Story – Al Jazeera English, 12 September 2011
  Why the fall of Tripoli will not be another Baghdad, Andrew Gilligan. 28 August 2011
  Charred remains of massacre victims found in Tripoli, David Randall and Jonathan Owen. 28 August 2011
  Ben Laden’s key deputy seen as very hard to replace for al Qaeda, Paul Cruickshank. 28 August 2011
   Who was behind the bombing in Nigeria? Tolu Ogunlesi. 28 August 2011
  RPT – Senior Islamist rebel is veteran Gaddafi foe, William Maclean. 27 August 2011
   Analysis: Death of deputy chief deals heavy blow to al Qaeda. 27 August 2011
  Islamic militants among prisoners freed from Libyan jail. Nic Robertson and Paul Cruickshank. 26 August 2011
   Analysis: Speed critical in hunt for Gaddafi. 25 August 2011
  Rebels Take Tripoli, but the Fighting May Be Far rom Over. Vivienne Walt, 24 August 2011
  FEATURE- Tripoli compound is centre of Gaddafi power. William Maclean, 23 August 2011
  Tough times for al-Qaida. Marian Ormhold, 23 August 2011
Dictator’s wife and daughter flee to Europe to claim asylum. Tom Harper, 23 Aug 2011
  Reconciliation now crucial for stability… 23 August 2011
  Warning as rebels prepare to take command, 23 August 2011
  Smokers’ Corner: The caliph dream, 21 August 2011
  Islamism and the nuclear bomb. Maajid Nawaz, 19 August 2011
  Sidelined al-Qaeda awaits ‘spring’ harvest. Mariann Omholt, 19 August 2011
  A geo-political tectonic schism is emerging. Maajid Nawaz, 18 August 2011
Shifting loyalties among Libya’s Islamists. Leela Jacinto, 8 August 2011
  Seeking leverage, Libya foes stoke propaganda war. William Maclean, 8 August 2011.
  Libya After General Younis’s Murder: Q And A With Noman Benotman – Analysis. 4 August 2011
  Analysis – West in corner as Libya deadlock drags on. 4 August 2011
  The coming radical turmoil. S Iftikhar Murshed, 31 July 2011
  Welcome to Britain, a breeding ground for talking hate. Nick Cohen, 31 July 2011
  How a Racist Incident Brought Back my Extremist Past. Maajid Nawaz, 29 July 2011. (Link to blog due to The Times pay wall)
Libya jihadists: Clear and present danger? 28 July 2011
  Hate preacher: One day we will stone adulterers. Local Muslims: It’s Britain…don’t tell us how to live. London borough ‘put under Sharia law. Oliver Harvey, 27 July 2011
  Comment: An old threat re-emerges. Ghaffar Hussain, 26 July 2011
  Google Ideas’ former violent extremists respond to Norway attack, build ‘countermovement’ brand. Allen McDuffee, 25 July 2011
  Norway mourns victims of anti-Islam “Crusader”.  Victoria Klesty and Gwladys Fouche, 24 July 2011
  Manifesto reveals killer’s meticulous planning. Michelle Shephard, 24 July 2011
  Norway gunman expected to plead not guilty to terrorism charges in court. Mark Townsend, 24 July 2011
Norway Shooting: Killer Could Be Out in 21 Years. R. Leigh Coleman, 24 July 2011
  Grappling with EXTREMISM: All Blends. Steve Clemons, 23 July 2011
  Al Qaeda group plans to release animated cartoon to recruit kids. 22 July 2011
Al-Qaeda Producing Disney-Style Cartoon Movie to Create New Generation of Jihadists? Anissa Haddadi, 21 July 2011

Al Qaeda to produce animated movie aimed at recruiting children. Mohammed Al Shafey, 21 July 2011

Al-Qaeda plans cartoon recruiting film for kids. 21 July 2011
  Al-Qaeda jihadist animation targets children. 21 July 2011
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Recruits Kids With Cartoons. 21 July 2011
Al Qaeda group creates cartoon to recruit children; animated pic shows armed raids, assassinations. Philip Caulfield, 20 July 2011
  Al-Qaida making Islamic jihad cartoon to inspire children. Jennifer Lipman, 20 July 2011
  Al Qaeda plans revenge for Bin Laden killing. 20 July 2011
  Militants plan al Qaeda cartoon for kids, monitors say. William Maclean, 20 July 2011
  Al-Qaeda plans cartoon to fight the West. Damien McElroy, 20 July 2011
  Ten Lessons From the Arab Uprisings. Ghaffar Hussain, 19 July 2011
  Watchdog recommends Tory U-turn on banning Hizb ut-Tahrir. Shiv Malik, 18 July 2011
  Maajid Nawaz: We need an al-Qaeda for democracy. Emi Kolawole, 15 July 2011
  The Hunt for Bin Laden. From Khartoum to Kabul. 15 July 2011
  Maajid Nawaz: A global culture to fight extremism. 14 July 2011
Interview : Shehrbano Taseer. Schayan Riaz, 14 July 2011
  Lessons we can learn from Nobel Prize troublemakers. John Elkington, 13 July 2011
  The Hizb ut-Tahrir threat. Muhammad Amir Rana, 11 July 2011
  Google’s Summit Against Violent Extremism. 9 July 2011
  ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ meets her peers. Gloria Geannette, 8 July 2011
  Behind “mad dog” image, Gaddafi may accept a deal. Christian Lowe, 4 July 2011
  Libya peace efforts appear to gather pace. William Maclean, 4 July 2011
  Defeating the ideology of terrorism. S Iftikhar Murshed, 3 July 2011
  Former skinhead: ‘ My hate had no basis’. Mandy Segall, 1 July 2011
  Of skinheads and jihadists. 30 June 2011
  Ex-skinhead, former Islamic radical open summit against extremism. Michelle Shephard, 28 June 2011
  Extremists and gangsters – good meeting for bad company. Frank Gardner, 28 June 2011
The real face of Hizbul Tehrir. Amir Mir, 28 June 2011
  Campaigners hit out at “hate peddling” group’s East End conference. Nadia Sam-Daliri, 27 June 2011
  How to fight back. Maajid Nawaz, 26 June 2011
Libyan football stars defect to the mountains join anti-Gaddafi rebels. Nick Meo, 25 June 2011
  Profile: The Hizbut Tehrir And Its Focus On Pakistan Army – Analysis. B. Raman, 24 June 2011
  Four serving majors being interrogated. Baqir Sajjad Syed 23 June 2011.
Fears of Islamist group infiltrating Pakistan army. Nahal Toosi, 22 June 2011
  Pakistani army brigadier arrested over suspected links with Islamist radicals. Omar Waraich, 22 June 2011
  Four Pakistani majors questioned over Islamist links. Zeeshan Haider and Myra MacDonald, 22 June 2011
  Pakistan army officer held over suspected Hizb ut-Tahrir links. Declan Walsh, 21 June 2011
  Police probe far-Right links to ‘poison packages’ at mosques. Tom Harper and Justin Davenport, 17 June 2011
  Brain of terror. Osama’s No2 unveiled as new al-Qaeda leader. Oliver Harvey, 17 June 2011
Senate Grills Defense Chief on Pakistan Arrests. Charlene Israel, 17 June 2011
  Al Qaeda Names Osama Bin Laden Successor. Lee Ferran, Jim Sciutto and Matthew Cole, 16 June 2011
  Al Qaeda’s New Boss Is a Pain to Work Under. John Hudson, 16 June 2011
  U.S. vows to find and kill terror mastermind behind 7/7 who was named Bin Laden’s replacement after weeks of ‘squabbles’. Julian Gavaghan and Richard Shears, 16 June 2011
Al-Qaeda appoints new Osama bin Laden: Ayman al-Zawahiri chosen to lead terrorist organisation. Rob Crilly, 16 June 2011
Al-Qaida’s new boss: an unloved micromanager. 16 June 2011
HT Threatens Brave Canadian Critic. 15 June 2011
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi hides Grad missiles from NATO raids in the ruins of Leptis Magna. Tim Coghlan, 14 June 2011
Libyan rebels break siege. Hadeel al-Shalchi and Maggie Michael, 14 June 2011
  Syrian army presses scorched earth campaign. 13 June 2011
UK Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes on Rise. 12 June 2011
Muslims call for action against hate crimes. Andrew MCCorkell, 12 June 2011
Rebel gains spark fierce battle for west of Libya, as Gaddafi regime under pressure from all sides. Nick Meo, 11 June 2011
  BBC World Service Have Your Say: A Response. Jody Mcintyre, 10 June 2011
  Is Prevent a clear anti-terror map? Marcus Dysch, 10 June 2011
Quilliam calls for Lord Carlile to be appointed counter-terror tsar. 8 June 2011
London examines domestic terror threat. 8 June 2011
  ‘Leeds in list of top 25 terror hotspots’. Aisha Iqbal, 8 June 2011
UK security revamp aims to uproot Islamist threat. Sebrano Ambrogi, 8 June 2011
Threat of campus extremists must never be ignored. Ghaffar Hussain, 8 June 2011
British intelligence to terrorists: Make cupcakes, not war. Tim Troglen, 8 June 2011
A dodgy recommendation from Quilliam. Ben Chu, 7 June 2011
Money meant to stop extremists spent on groups that promote hardline beliefs, 7 June 2011
‘Jury is out’ on Prevent plans. 7 June 2011
Quilliam: Government understanding of extremism weak. 7 June 2011
UK outlines fresh anti-extremism tactics. Cassandra Vinograd, 7 June 2011
Debate swirls over Bin Laden successor. Carol Rosenberg, 6 June 2011
Pakistan allegedly helped bin Laden to gain U.S. aid. J. J. Green, 6 June 2011
Universities ‘complacent on extremism’ – Theresa May. 6 June 2011
Business leaders fear chaos after Gaddafi. Simon Denyer, 5 June 2011
Theresa May takes action on student Islamic fanatics. Ted Jeory and Hilary Douglas, 5 June 2011
  How Dangerous Is Anwar al-Awlaki? 31 May 2011
The spectre of jihad in Libya. David Blackburn, 30 May 2011
More than 100 Libyan army members defect from Gaddafi. 30 May 2011
Gaddafi’s position weakens. David Blackburn, 30 May 2011
Universities have no problem with radicalisation, chief claims. Duncan Gardham, 27 May 2011
A Changing Al-Qaeda. Ryan Mauro, 26 May 2011
  The LWOT: Mumbai terror trial focuses on Pakistani intelligence role. Andrew Lebovich, 24 May 2011
  Al-Qaida in the midst of fierce succession battle. Jason Burke, 19 June 2011
  Al Qaeda appoints military chief interim leader: terrorism experts. 18 May 2011
  NATO in Libya is a challenge to bin Laden’s ideology. Noman Benotman, 18 June 2011
New temporary al-Qaeda boss appointed – Saif al-Adel. Chris Hughes, 18 June 2011
  Pakistan Taliban warns of retaliation. 18 June 2011
Iran could play role in al-Qaida, post-bin Laden. Matt Apuzzo, 18 June 2011
  Gaddafi oil minister appears to have defected. Michael Birnbaum, 17 June 2011
  Bin Laden’s death: not good news for all. Ghaffar Hussain, 13 May 2011
  Tower Hamlets Taliban: Death threats to women who don’t wear veils. Gays attacked in the streets. And all in a borough at the heart of Britain’s capital…
Tom Rawstorne, 13 June 2011
  Bin Laden’s successor to face financing crisis. Mohammed Al Shafey, 12 May 2011
Brutal new breed of contenders wait to take Bin Laden crown. Jerome Taylor, 11 May 2011
Now bin Laden’s dead, does that make Yemen the key al Qaeda hub? James Brandon, 6 May 2011
US intelligence network aims to put heat on al-Qa’ida. Tom Coghlan and Deborah Haynes, 5 May 2011
Loyalty bin Laden inspired leaves lasting risk. William Maclean, 4 May 2011
  No kind of martyr. Mehdi Hassan, 12 May 2011
Bogged Down in Libya. Nicholas Pelham, 12 May 2011 
Osama bin Laden’s killing raises speculation about his successor. Duncan Gardham, 2 May 2011
Al-Qa’ida revenge attacks feared. Tom Morgan, Katie Hodge and Wesley Johnson, 2 May 2011
Ghaffar Hussain: Anger over inequalities is easily exploited by extremists. 29 April 2011
  Osama bin Laden’s escape: A tale of subterfuge and hard cash. Tom Lister, 28 April 2011
Islamophobia Rears its Ugly Head Following Foreign Office Visit to MB. 21 April 2011
What is Salafism and should we be worried? Venetia Rainey, 20 April 2011
Muslim fanatics plot to ruin Royal wedding. Hannah Thomas, 20 April 2011
  Perceptions of the MB – An International Struggle. 20 April 2011
The Politicisation of “Islamophobia”. Ghaffar Hussain, 20 April 2011
  < a href="http://www.politics.co.uk/news/policing-and-crime/muslim-extremists-plan-royal-wedding-nightmare--$21388455.htm">Muslim extremists plan royal wedding ‘nightmare’. Alex Stevenson, 19 April 2011
‘Extremists threatened to kill me over headscarf’. Rob Parsons, 18 April 2011
The Jihad has been wrong-footed by MidEast uprisings, but they’re ready to bounce back. Ghaffar Hussain, 13 April 2011
Two students ‘linked to extremists’ are elected as college union leaders. Tom Harper, Paddy Cooper and Laura Mackenzie, 19 Apr 2011 
  Mid-East unrest: Is al-Qaeda still relevant? Gordon Corera, 7 April 2011
  Libya: MI5 believed Moussa Koussa was involved in assassinations. Duncan Gardham, 5 April 2011
Is Qatar really the answer to our problems? Sarah Sands, 5 April 2011
Is al Qaeda in Libya? Daniel Korski, 4 April 2011
  Lockerbie: You must charge them all. Paula Murray, 3 April 2011
Gaddafi henchman ‘ready to tell all’ about Lockerbie. Michael Settle, 2 April 2011
From Tripoli to Surrey – the long escape route from Gaddafi’s regime. Cahal Milmo, 1 April 2011
David Cameron rules out deal for Saif Gaddafi. Robert Winnett, 1 April 2011  
  Moussa Koussa’s defection: ‘Devastating’ for Gadhafi? 1 April 2011 
Libya: ‘I helped Moussa Koussa defect’. 1 April 2011 – Watch interview with Noman Benotman here.
Britain told Libyan envoy that Gaddafi has to go. William Maclean, 1 April 2011 
Former ally of Gaddafi seeks refuge in Britain. 31 March 2011 
Getting Libya’s Rebels Wrong. Najla Abdurrahman, 31 March 2011 
Does al Qaeda have some Libyan missiles? Paul Cruikshank and Time Lister, 31 March 2011 
Libyan defector has ‘secrets to tell,’ analyst says. 31 March 2011
  Libya: Moussa Koussa, Gaddafi’s foreign minister, defects to UK. Patrick Wintour, Richard Norton-Taylor, Nick Hopkins and Chris McGreal, 31 March 2011
Libya rebels not anti-West, but Qaeda a worry-group. 29 March 2011 
  Gaddafi: Inside the mind of a tyrant. Michael Burley, 26 March 2011 
My View. Maajid Nawaz, 22 March 2011 
Former violent extremists sign up for Dublin summit. Jamie Smyth, 21 March 2011
Founder vows to save group that fights extremism. John Geoghegan, 18 March 2011 
  Quilliam must take care over its funds. Martin Bright, 16 March 2011
MPs queue up to support Quilliam. Paul Goodman, 16 March 2011
Radicalisation review ‘to urge more student monitoring’. Robin Brant, 16 march 2011
After Gaddafi, a Libyan jihad? Elisabeth Braw, 15 March 2011
Going to Extremes. Tina Rosenberg, 15 March 2011
  Rebel council seeks to transform Libya. Sudarsan Raghavan, 15 March 2011
  A dangerous narrative. Maajid Nawaz, 15 March 2011
  Al-Shamikha, Al Qaeda
Women’s Magazine, Launches: Report
. 14 March 2011 
  CHOUDHURY: Designer label extremist. Adrian Lee, 12 March 2011
EU and NATO to meet on Libya. 10 March 2011
Libya’s war intensifies but Nato shows no sign of intervening. Ian Black, 9 May 2011
  Imam fears ‘nutters’ could kill him for preaching evolution. Benedict Moore-Bridger, 8 March 2011
  Cameron is wrong to target the Quilliam Foundation. Nick Cohen, 7 March 2011
London imam subjected to death threats for supporting evolution. Rowenna Davis, 6 March 2011
  What next for Libya, a divided land riven by bloodshed? Ian Blackman and Julian Borger, 28 February 2011
  British Shift on Muslims Is Ominous. John Vinocur, 28 February 2011
Rajib Karim: The terrorist inside British Airways. Steve Swann, 28 February 2011 
Libyans grapple with soaring food prices, queues. Maria Golovnina, 28 February 2011
  Experts say Gaddafi relying on paramilitary forces, foreign mercenaries to crush protests. Peter Finn, 24 February 2011
  Libyans Are Saving Libya. Noman Benotman, 24 February 2011 
  Demystifying Islam in a strained Britain. Marian Smith, 23 February 2011
  Libyan leader’s family in fight for survival. 23 February 2011
Uprisings Put al Qaeda on Sidelines. 23 February 2011
  Gaddafi told to end violence in Libya by UN security council. Ed Pilkington and Ian Black, 23 February 2011 
Gaddafi’s confidant is Abdullah Senussi, a brutal right-hand man. Ian Black, 22 February 2011 
  Reaction to Gaddafi’s speech. 22 February 2011 
INTERVIEW-Gaddafi seen doing “everything” to keep Tripoli. William Maclean, 22 February 2011 
  Analysis: Why Arab Spring could be al Qaeda’s fall. Paul Cruikshank, 21 February 2011 
  Animal rights extremists ‘more of a problem than Islamists’. Duncan Gardham, 18 February 2011 
  Allow extremist speech in universities, report advises. Jeevan Vasagar, 18 February 2011
  Teacher ‘spy’ op faces the axe. Kerra Maddern, 18 February 2011 
  The Post-Islamist Future. Maajid Nawaz, 18 February 2011  
  Cosying up to those who reject democracy is out. David Aaronovitch, 15 February 2011 
  Muscle v multiculturalism. 10 February 2011 
Cameron’s scapegoating will have a chilling, toxic impact. Seumas Milne, 9 February 2011
A muddled debate. Irfna Husain, 9 February 2011
  David Cameron’s crackdown on extremism is counterproductive. Robert Lambert, 8 February 2011 
  The Muslim Brotherhood are increasingly viewed as ghosts of the past. Ghaffar Hussain, 3 February 2011 
  The new Arab revolt. Duncan Robinson, 2 February 2011 
  Where Should Egypt Go From Here? 2 February 2011
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: A force to be feared?  Richard Allen Greene, 31 January 2011
  ‘Mubarak is on his way out’. Elisabeth Braw, 30 January 2011
For me and my prison friends, Egypt is personal. Maajid Nawaz, 29 January 2011
World Muslim population doubling, report projects. Richard Allen Greene, 27 January 2011 
Government ‘bottled’ terror reforms. 26 January 2011
  Warsi vows Islamophobia battle. Alex Stevenson, 20 January 2011 
  Social movement: Replacing ‘obscure’ thoughts with rationality. Momina Sibtain, 20 January 2011
Lady Warsi is right to confront anti-Muslim prejudice. Ghaffar Hussain, 20 January 2011
  The privatisation of jihad. Noman Benotman, 14 January 2011
  Back From The Brink: An interview with Maajid Nawaz. John D. McHugh, 14 January 2011
The new vocal, visible religiosity. Richard Phelps, 12 January 2011
“Why do they pick on us Pakistanis?” Mehdi Hasan, 5 January 2011
How to Respond to Al-Qaeda ? George Readings, 3 January 2011 


Quilliam Print and Web Coverage (French)
                      Maajid Nawaz: Une culture mondiale pour combattre l’extrémisme. TED Global, 12 juillet 2011. Video à voir ici
  Al-Qaida se lance dans les dessins animés. SlateAfrique, 22 juillet 2011
Mouammar Kadhafi, “tyran rigide” qui pourrait écouter sa famille. L’Express, 27 juillet 2011
L’Egyptien Saïf al Adel chef provisoire d’Al Qaïda. L’Express, 18 mai 2011
  Qui pour diriger al-Qaida? Euronews, 18 mai 2011
  L’Égyptien Saïf al-Adel nouveau chef d’al-Qaida. Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro, 18 mai 2011
  Saif al-Adel, le nouveau chef d’Al-Qaïda. Le Nouvel Observateur. 18 mai 2011

Al-Qaida se dote d’un chef par intérim. Le Monde, 18 mai 2011.

Un intérimaire serait à la tête d’Al Qaïda en attendant Zaouahri. L’Express, 17 mai 2011
  Le maillon «fort» de Ben Laden. Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro, 05 mai 2011
Le risque Al Qaïda existe-t-il en Libye? L’Express, 18 avril 2011
  Libye: Le ministre des Affaires étrangères de Kadhafi se réfugie en Grande-Bretagne. 20 Minutes, 31 mars 2011
  Lybie. La démission qui fragilise Kadhafi. Lucie Dancoing, Paris Match, 31 mars 2011


Al-Qaida se dote d’un chef par intérim. Virginie Malingre, Le Monde, 8 fevrier 2011

Un dictateur aux abois lâché par les tribus. Marc Semo, Libération, 23 février 2011
  Opposant islamiste, Maajid Nawaz raconte ses années d’emprisonnement. François Delabarre, 2 février 2011
  “Moubarak est sur le départ”, interview de Maajid Nawaz. Metro, 31 janvier 2011


Quilliam Broadcast Coverage
                       Maajid Nawaz speaks to John Humphries about Oslo killer Anders Breivik. BBC Radio 4, 26 July 2011
  Noman Benotman interviewed for programme ‘The Hunt for Bin Laden: From Khartoum to Kabul’. BBC Radio 4, 15 July 2011. At 05.51 of the programme.
Noman Benotman interviewed about Ayman al-Zawahiri on his appointment as leader of Al Qaeda. CBC Radio Canada, 16 June 2011. At 10.41 of part 2.
Noman Benotman interviewed about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. BBC World Have Your Say, 6 May 2011. At 14.00 of the programme. 
  Noman Benotman reflects on his meetings with Osama Bin Laden. BBC World Service, 4 May 2011
Noman Benotman discusses Al Qaeda in Libya. CNN, 3 April 2011
Noman Benotman interviewed about the defection of Moussa Koussa. BBC News, 1 April 2011 

James Brandon quoted talking about tackling radicalisation in schools and universities. BBC News, 16 March 2011

Noman Benotman interviewed about revolution in the Middle East. SBS Insight (Australia). Part 2. 
  Mustafa Abulhimal talks about the conviction of a BA worker of terror charges. BBC News, 28 February 2011 
Maajid Nawaz discusses the outlook for political unrest in Libya. Bloomberg, 22 February 2011
  Maajid Nawaz interviewed about the outlook for Egypt’s government. Bloomberg, 14 February 2011 
  Maajid Nawaz talks about the strategy of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to stay in power. Bloomberg, 3 February 2011 

Maajid Nawaz talks about the political drivers of the civil unrest in Egypt. Bloomberg, 2 February 2011

  Mustafa Abulhimal interviewed about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. CNN, 31 January 2011
  Ghaffar Hussain discusses Baroness Warsi’s comments on Islamophobia. BBC World Service Newshour, 20 January 2011. At 03.35 of chapter 1.
  Ghaffar Hussain talks about Jack Straw stereotyping row. Deutsche Welle, 10 January 2011. At 00.55.