Quilliam Print and Web Coverage
      Bomb Targets U.S Mission in Libya’s Benghazi, 11/06/2012
     Baroness Warsi and ‘the extremist’, 09/06/2012
      Charity Commission Launches Extremism Investigation into Leyton Mosque, 08/06/2012
     Mosque Near Olympic site in Terror Link Investigation 08/06/2012 
  London Mosque Investigated for Terrorism, 09/06/2012
       ‘Mosque Terror Link’ Investigated by Charity Commission 07/06/2012 
     Bomb Targets US Mission in Libya’s Benghazi, 06/06/2012
      Bomb Targets US Mission in Libya’s Benghazi, 06/06/2012 
     Abdullah al-Senussi, Gaddafi’s ‘Black Box’, 02/06/2012 
     Song of the Suicide Bomber : How ‘Babur in London’ Negotiated a Cultural Minefield 31/05/2012
     Election Day: Finally Egypt is Born 23/05/2012
    Seminar on Muslims and Modernity: ‘Jihadi Danger is From the Elite, Not the Poor’, 15/05/2012
        ‘Tolerance Solution to Society’s Problems’, 14/05/2012 
      T2F’s Evening of Diaologue with Nawaz, Hashwani,  14/05/2012
       Drowned Libya Oil Chief Feared Going Home, 13/05/2012 
        Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda Story, 6/05/2012
   Memories of Bin Laden Are Fading, But His Methods and Ideologies Remain, 30/04/2012

Special Report: Gadaffi’s Secret Missionaries, 29/03/2012

         Olympics Security Officials Review Security Strategy After French Terror Attacks, 28/03/2012

Olympic Security Review after France Attacks, 28/03/2012

        Olympic Security Review After France Attacks, 28/03/2012
         Toulouse Attacks Expose, and Overexpose, French
, 27/03/2012
       Shooter’s Pakistan Connection Raises Alarm, 26/03/2012 
        Experts warn of new twist in terror tactics, 25/03/2012
        Europe faces Jihadist threat, 24/03/2012
      Europe Faces Jihadist Threat, Security Chiefs Warn, 23/03/2012
         Europe Faces Hard-To-Track Jihadist Threat, Security Chiefs Warn 23/03/2012
      Gadaffi’s Black Box in French-Mauritania Trap, 22/03/2012
      ‘I joined the Jihad and Rejected it’, 17/03/2012
     How to Hear One Side of an Argument: The Missing Voices of a Sledgehammer Polemic, 14/03/2012
      Al Qaeda in Yemen adapts, gains ground, 13/03/2012
  Dancing Around Islam: DV8’s Can We Talk About This? 13/03/2012
          Senior Al Qaeda Chief Saif al-Adel May Not Have Been Arrested in Cairo, says official, 29/02/2012
       ‘Senior Al qaeda Leader’ arrest is case of mistaken identity, 29/02/2012
        Man Arrested at Cairo Airport ‘Not Al Qaeda Leader’, 29/02/2012
    Al-Qaeda Elite Group Member Saif al-Adel Held in Cairo, 29/02/2012
     Suspected Senior al-Qaeda leader arrested in Cairo, 29/02/2012
       Egypt Arrests Man said by US to be al-Qaida leader, 29/02/2012
   Senior Al-Qaeda Operative Seif al-Adel ‘arrested in Cairo’, 29/02/2012
   DV8’s Can We Talk About This?The Riskiest Show of the Year? 28/02/2012
    Inflammatory Islamist benefits from the very institutions he despises, 18/02/2012
    Urgent Action Needed to Curb Libya’s Militias, Say Analysts 16/02/2012
    Abu Qatada’s Release : What Would the Jihadists Think? 15/02/2012

Clearer Guidelines on Campus Hatred 09/02/2012

        BBC Tells Journos: Don’t call Abu Qatada an extremist 08/02/2012

BBC Tells its Staff: Don’t Call Qatada Extremist 08/02/2012


The World’s Hotspots will keep the US and the World focused in 2012 12/01/2012


Prison is Turning Angry Young Men into Fanatics 11/01/2012

  A Global Culture to Fight Extremism 02/01/2012


Quilliam Print and Web Coverage (Foreign Language)
    De Sjeik is dood, leve de Sjeik, 02/05/2012
       Les Methodes de Ben Laden Seduisent Toujours, 30/04/2012
    Un Anno Senza Bin Laden, 29/04/2012
      La Securite des J.O de Londres en question apres la tuerie de Toulouse, Le Nouvel Observateur, 29/03/2012
                     Seguridad en Londres sera revisitada tras los ataques en Francia, Terra Mexico  28/03/2012
        Europa enfrenta amenaza yihadista, Univision Brasil 23/03/2012
      Chef Europol waarschuwt vor dreiging Jihad,  Het Nieuwsblad Belgium 23/03/2012
       Un proche de Kadhafi arrete en Mauritanie inquiete la France, Challenges France,  22/03/2012


Quilliam Broadcast Coverage
  Usama Hasan discusses reforming extremists, 12/06/2012 (link valid for 7 days, interview at 1hr15mins)
  Usama Hasan discusses extremist threat at Al Tawhid Mosque, 10/06/2012
  ‘Mosque terror link’ investigated, 07/06/2012 
  A Special Report on Sex Trafficking and Culture, Usama Hasan, 01/06/2012
  Usama Hasan discusses role of double agent in foiled bomb plot, 11/05/2012
  Usama Hasan discusses release of Bin Laden documents, 03/05/2012
   Noman Benotman discusses Toulouse shootings, 21/03/2012
    Ghaffar Hussain discusses Toulouse shootings, 21/3/2012
    Noman Benotman speaks on France24 about political developments in Libya and Federalism, 07/03/2012
    Noman Benotman guest speaks on Newshour, Al-Arabiya (Arabic) 06/03/2012
     Noman Benotman guest speaks on Sennat al-Mout, Al-Arabiya (in Arabic) 23/02/2012
   Noman Benotman speaks on Newshour, Al Jazeera English, 17/02/2012
   Maajid Nawaz Comments on Abu Qatada, ITV, ITV London News, 14/02/2012
   Maajid Nawaz Comments on Abu Qatada, BBC One, BBC London News 14/02/2012

Maajid Nawaz and Baroness Neville-Jones talk about the release of Abu Qatada, BBC Radio Four, The Today Programme, 14/02/2012 (available for eight days after transmission)


  Maajid Nawaz on Abu Qatada’s Release, BBC One, BBC Breakfast news, 14/02/2012
    Maajid Nawaz on Abu Qatada’s release on bail, BBC World News Today, 13/02/2012

Noman Benotman discussing Abu Qatada with Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio Two, The Jeremy Vine Show, 10/02/2012 (available for eight days after transmission)



Noman Benotman in conversation with Eddie Mair on Abu Qatada, Radio Four, PM Programme, 09/02/2012 (available for eight days after transmission)


                       Maajid Nawaz Debates the Abu Qatada situation, Radio Four, PM Programme 07/02/2012