Quilliam Media Coverage 
Britain has a duty to Arabs, Ed Husain, The Guardian, 30/12/08
Banned extremist still a danger, Ishtiaq Hussain, Sky News, 13/12/08
Channel 4 Film sponsored by Amnesty International: 3-Minute Wonders series marking the 60th anniversary of the UDHR featuring Maajid Nawaz, and Amnesty International activist John Cornwall, 11/12/08
Don’t deny campus radicalization, Rashad Ali, The Guardian, 06/12/08
We get by with a little help, Ishtiaq Hussian, The Guardian, 03/12/08
Rashad Ali talks on panel: “Must Muslims now accept that Islam has a problem with terrorism?”, BBC World’s Have Your Say, 02/12/08
Tip-toeing around extremists will not make Britain a safer place, Ed Husain, The Telegraph, 29/11/08

Just wars are possible, Ishtiaq Hussain, The Guardian, 13/11/08

Islamic radicals make mockery of hate laws, Evening Standard, 10/11/08
The real roots of extremism, Ghaffar Hussain, The Guardian, 17/10/08
Quilliam defends Islam, LBC Radio, 16/10/08
Quilliam’s Curriculum Manager holds an on-line Q&A on the thinking behind the toolkit on preventing violent extremism in schools, IslamOnline.net, 16/10/08
An unlikely alliance, Ghaffar Hussain, The Guardian, 30/09/08

Quilliam is the Outcome of Collective History [please note that the article has been published under the title “British subjects – not God’s” – a title chosen by Prospect not by the author], Ed Husain, Prospect magazine, 09/08

Frustrated Love and Forced Marriage – Need for a Muslim Marriage Contract, Ed Husain, The Guardian, 20/08/08
The Right and Wrong Voices – Response by Maajid Nawaz, Counter Terrorism Blog, 15/08/08
Best of Times, Worst of Times: Ed Husain, The Sunday Times, 10/08/08
Maajid Nawaz Speaks to Riazat Butt, ‘We Have Cross-Party Support’, The Guardian, 21/07/08
Doing Their Own Thing, The Economist, 17/07/08
Renunciation and Escalation: Conflicting Tides on the War on Terror, Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel, 17/07/08
Why Terrorists Quit: Gaining from al-Qaeda’s Losses, Michael Jacobson/CTC Sentinel, 16/07/08
Way Back From Islamism, Policy Watch Featuring Maajid Nawaz, 16/07/08
Former Islamist Renounces Ideology, The Jerusalem Post, 13/07/08

Red Tape nearly Stops Testimony by Former Islamic Radical, Jeff Stein 10/07/08

Maajid Nawaz, Former Senior Official in Hizb ut-Tahrir, to Testify Before US Congress 10/07/08
Re-Painting the Face of British Islam 08/07/08 Daily News Egypt
‘Stop Pandering to the Islamist Extremists’ Ed Husain in the Evening Standard 07/07/08
‘He Saw Light From the Jaws of “Jihad”‘ Interview with Ed Husain in The Gulf News 13/06/08
Be Afraid’, The Economist, 12/06/08

Credo: Maajid Nawaz, The Independent, 18/05/08

Demise of al-Qa’eda in Sight, US Official Says, Alex Spillus in The Telegraph, 15/05/08

It is Ludicrous to Dismiss us as Neocon Former Extremists’, The Guardian, 25/04/08
Maajid Nawaz Studio Debate with Azzam Tamimi on Newsnight, 22/04/08
New Group to Combat Extremism, SKY NEWS, 22/04/08
Extremists Change Sides – The Launch of Quilliam Foundation CNN, 22/04/08
Interview with Maajid Nawaz on Launch of Quilliam Foundation by Fox News, 22/04/08
‘Brit Muslims have a Duty to Fight Extremism’, Maajid Nawaz, The Sun, 19/04/08
‘Ed Husain: You Ask the Questions’, in ‘The Independent’, 14/04/08
‘Muslims Combat Fundamentalism to Build a New, Inclusive Europe’ article by Women Without Borders 15/04/08
‘Beyond Revenge’ Interview with Maajid Nawaz in Die Presse 12/04/08
‘Interview with Maajid Nawaz’ by ‘Deadline’, Danish TV 06/04/08
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‘Extremism is going unchallenged’, New Statesman, 03/04/08
Qatar Airways In-Flight Magazine, Ed Husain, 04/08
‘My Time in Hizb ut-Tahrir’ Interview with Rashad Ali in the Times On-Line, 20/03/08
It’s Arabs Who are Showing Us How to Tackle Extremism’, Ed Husain, The Observer, 09/03/08
Muslims are Failing to Combat Extremism’ Article in ‘The Peninsula’, 04/03/08
Muslims Failing to Combat Extremism’ Press Release by the Qatar Foundation, 03/03/08
Reflections of A British Muslim Extremist’ Interview with Ed Husain on ‘Speaking of Faith’, American Public Media, 07/02/08
Interview with Maajid Nawaz and Rashad Ali on the BBC’s Newsnight, 17/01/08
‘Bishop right to tackle no-go area in our minds’, Ed Husain, The Sunday Telegraph, 13/01/08
‘What “Human Rights” mean to me’, Maajid Nawaz, Amnesty Magazine Issue 147, 01/02 2008
‘There’s far more to Islam than a teddy’, Ed Husain, The Observer, 02/12/07
‘We must stop giving fodder to the fanatics’, Maajid Nawaz, The Independent, 07/11/07
Interview with Maajid Nawaz on TV2 (Denmark). In English with Danish subtitles, 28/10/07
‘Muslim Cross-dressing: Why are Sufis becoming like Salafis?’ Ed Husain, The City
Circle, 23/10/07
British Muslim Renounces Radical Islamic Group’ Interview with Maajid Nawaz, NPR (USA), 11/10/07
‘Why I joined the British jihad – and why I rejected it’, Maajid Nawaz, The Times, 16/09/2007
Former Radical Islamist Speaks Out’ Interview with Maajid Nawaz, PRI’s The World, 13/09/07
From Finding Radical Islam to Losing an Ideology’ Interview with Maajid Nawaz, The New York Times, 12/09/07
‘Some converts do fall prey to the fanatics. But let us remember the many who do not’, Ed Husain, The Observer, 09/09/07
Al-Jazeera’s Riz Khan Interviews Ed Husain, 26/07/07
‘If words could kill me’, Ed Husain, New Statesman, 14/06/07
‘They threatened my life. But I will still speak out’, Ed Husain, The Observer, 10/06/07
‘Police alone can’t stop terror’, Ed Husain, The Sunday Times, 01/06/07
‘I know how these terrorists are inspired’, Ed Husain, The Telegraph, 02/05/07


Quilliam Staff (Urdu)
Community Channel Backs Quilliam in Extremism Debate, Venus TV, Ishtiaq Hussain 18/10/08
Quilliam Staff (Arabic)

Quilliam Staff (Turkish)
‘Islamcilar Demokrasiyi Kullaanirlar’ Cumhuriyet 19/07/08
Quilliam Staff (Danish)
Interview with Rashad Ali, in (Danish) Kristeligt Dagblad 03/04/08
Interview with Maajid Nawaz in (Danish) Jyllands-Posten 09/03/07
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Quilliam Staff (German)
‘Warum ich mit den Islamisten gebrochen habe’ (English Why Leave the Radicals?) Maajid Nawaz 12/06/08 Neue Zürcher Zeitung
‘Muslims Combat Fundamentalism to Build a New, Inclusive Europe’, article by Women Without Borders 15/04/08
Interview in ‘Die Presse’, with Maajid Nawaz 12/04/08


Muslim Theologians

Egypt clerics back woman’s Koran, BBC News, 23/12/08
Importing Imams from Pakistan is Irrelevant, Aftab Ahmed Malik in The Birmingham Post, 24/04/08
Interview with Shaikh Usama Hasan on the BBC’s Hardtalk 28/08/07
Interview with Shaikh Hamza Yusuf with the BBC’s Mark Lawson. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Mufti Ali Goma – The Meaning of Jihad in Newsweek-Washington Post 21/07/07
Interview with Imam Zaid Shakir with Bill Moyers from PBS 22/06/07
Interview with Shaikh Hamza Yusuf with Riz Khan on Al-Jazeera 13/06/07


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Mourchidat – Morroco’s Female Muslim Clerics, The Telegraph, 26/04/08