On 24th November 2009 Quilliam Trainer Ishtiaq Hussain spoke to sixth form students at Copland Community School in Wembley (London). Ishtiaq addressed an audience of 100 sixth-form students on the issue of radicalization. Many of the students were from a Somali, Afghan and Bangladeshi background.

In the first part of the session Ishtiaq explained the history and ideology behind Islamist radicalization. He then explained the background of groups that had been inspired by extreme Islamist Ideology. He also explained how these groups operated, how they recruited people and what their ultimate objectives were.

The second part of the session was an-hour long answer and question session. Issues such as Western foreign policy, different interpretations of Shar’iah and moderate Muslim groups were discussed. The talk was received very well with many students saying how much they had learnt during the session. The school is now keen to do similar sessions every term.