Quilliam invites you to a series of study/discussion sessions on cutting-edge ideas around Islamic Reform with Dr. Usama Hasan, our Senior Researcher in Islamic Studies.

These will be held in Central London. Full details will be provided upon receipt of registration. There is a 50% concession available for people who are unwaged or students.

There will be two sessions on each evening:

A. Islam, Science & Ethics

B. Qur’an-commentary for the modern world

Details are as follows:

A. Islam, Science & Ethics (£5 per session or £20 for 5 sessions)

Tuesday 26th February 5.30–7.00pm Animal experimentation

Tuesday 5th March 5.30–7.00pm Organ donation & transplantation

Tuesday 12th March 5.30–7.00pm Family planning, contraception & abortion

Tuesday 19th March 5.30–7.00pm Ecology & protection of the environment

Tuesday 26th March 5.30–7.00pm Biotechnology, genetic engineering & cloning of plants, animals & humans

B. Qur’an-commentary (£5 per session or £20 for 5 sessions)

Tuesday 26th February 7.00-8.30pm Noah & the Ancient Prophets

Tuesday 5th March 7.00-8.30pm Abraham, Friend of God

Tuesday 12th March 7.00-8.30pm Moses the Lawgiver

Tuesday 19th March 7.00-8.30pm Mary & Jesus Christ,
Word and Spirit of God

Tuesday 26th March 7.00-8.30pm Muhammad, Messenger of God


NAME: _____________________________________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________

TEL: _____________________________________________________________

SESSIONS (individual or all of A/B): ______________________________________

TOTAL SUM ENCLOSED: __________________________________________________

Please return with payment (cheques to “The Quilliam Foundation”) to:

PO Box 60380




Pay online at www.quilliamfoundation.org/donate

and email your details to [email protected]