Press Release

14 October 2015

We all know countering extremism isn’t solely a job for governments, militaries and security services. In fact, we can challenge it more effectively as a society if everyone gets involved.

The new Prevent duty recognises this and there will soon be more training for teachers, youth workers and community groups who can make a real difference in safeguarding young people from extremist exploitation.

But this isn’t enough. We need your help too. Watch this video and support Quilliam to help make a #betterfuture for our children, free from the mistakes their parents once made.


Everyone can help out in different practical ways:

• Establish a Quilliam society at your university;
• Invite us in to your school to talk to staff or students about radicalisation;
• Donate to us to help make more online counter-narrative content to challenge extremists online;
• Be creative and make your own video to challenge groups like Islamic State;
• Get in touch with us if you want your voice heard rather than have extremists speak for you; and
• Like and share our new video with the hashtag #betterfuture

We’ve started this vital work already and thank you for your support on the journey thus far but want to build a stronger coalition so we can create a #betterfuture without extremism of any kind.

Just in the last six months, you have helped us:

• Produce three counter-narrative videos, one of which has received over 50,000 views and been shortlisted for three awards;
• Publish cutting edge research into Islamic State propaganda, Islam’s compatibility with human rights, and the rise of jihadism in South Asia;
• Engage with politicians to improve official counter-extremism strategy;
• Ally with community groups, multinational corporations, and other think tanks to build stronger projects;
• Work with students in ten universities to promote debate over hate on their campuses; and
• Discuss radicalisation, extremism, terrorism and how best to counter it in local, national and international media.

Like and share our video to help us shape a #betterfuture for all, and visit our Get Involved page to join our civil

society coalition!

For media comment, please email [email protected] or call 02071827284