21 October 2015

Oxford Brookes University


Jonathan Russell, Political Liaison Officer at Quilliam, gave a talk at Oxford Brookes University titled “The importance of secularism and the necessity of countering extremist ideologies”. The event was hosted by the Oxford Brookes Quilliam University Society.

Following a brief introduction from both Harvir Dhillon (society leader) and Haydar Zaki, who heads the Quilliam universities initiative, Jonathan Russell began his lecture by identifying the important work Quilliam undertaken by Quilliam in countering all forms extremism.

Jonathan Russel also explored the importance of working with policy makers to address counter-extremism measures, and the necessity of keeping civil liberties intact.

The talk was followed by an hour Q+A session, in which the audience asked important questions such as what are (if any) the differences between the terms Islam and Islamism?

The talk received great feedback from the students, including students praising the work done by Quilliam, and Quilliam university societies, at a grassroots level.

Oxford Brookes