On 1st July 2009 Maajid Nawaz spoke at a seminar on ‘Integration’ organized by the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies in Visby, on the island of Gotland in Sweden. The seminar was part of a series organized by the Swedish National Defence College and was organised during ‘political week’ in Sweden where Swedish cabinet ministers, politicians, businesses and the media participate in a wide range of political and social debates. 


Maajid discussed the British Government’s Contest 2 strategy and the threats to democratic values posed by extremism, anti-democratic behaviour and exclusion from mainstream society, ghettoization, Hizb-ut Tahrir (HT) and other issues. More specifically, he focused on radicalization in Birmingham and London. 


The other panellists were the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies’ Research Director, Dr Magnus Ranstorp, and Mrs Nalin Pekgul, a Muslim Social Democrat MP in Sweden. The event received extensive media coverage and afforded Maajid the opportunity after the event to speak at length with several Swedish politicians.


Islamist radicalization – a Swedish problem denied, Stockholm News, 03/07/09