On 12th February 2010 Quilliam co-director Maajid Nawaz addressed delegates at the Pakistan Young Leaders’ Conference in Islamabad, an event which was hosted by the National Union of Pakistani Students and Alumni (NUPSA). The three day conference brought together Pakistani youth from diverse areas of the country to promote youth participation, national leadership and discussion surrounding Pakistan’s prospects for the future.


During his address, Maajid spoke about the need for delegates and wider society to promote a culture of democracy and to actively work towards the change they want to see in the country. He also highlighted the potential role of youth in resolving national problems, particularly extremism, through collective action. The event concluded with a dinner for delegates, which provided an opportunity for attendees to network and informally interact with Maajid and the other speakers at the conference.


Between 27th January and 13th February 2010, Maajid also conducted a series of workshops with university students across key cities in Pakistan. The workshops provided an ideal platform for students to discuss numerous issues surrounding extremism, sectarianism, foreign policy and the state of democracy in Pakistan.