On 29th March 2010, Quilliam co-Director Maajid Nawaz spoke on Islamist radicalization at the UK’s Defence Academy in Shrivenham.


Maajid’s lecture was one of a series of talks on international terrorism, delivered as part of the Advanced Command & Staff Course on stabilization and security, and tailored for Brigadier and Colonels. Approximately 150 people were in attendance, including the next generation of leaders in the British Armed Forces, as well as a number of foreign nationals, including representatives from Saudi Arabia and Australia.


Maajid’s talk built on the more academic perspective presented by preceding speakers, instead focusing on radicalization from a personal perspective, combining quantitative academic analysis with qualitative personal narratives to conclude that a combination of identity crisis, grievances, an ideology and an enabler are needed for radicalization to take place. An informed Q & A followed.