23 September 2010

On 6th October, Quilliam’s Co-Founder and Co-Director Maajid Nawaz will support the motion ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace’ at a high-profile Intelligence Squared debate in New York City. He will be debating against the prominent critics of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray. Hirsi Ali is an ex-Muslim commentator and Murray is the author of Neo-Conservatism: Why We Need It. Maajid will be debating alongside the Muslim-American writer and activist Zeba Khan.


The debate will take place at the NYU Skirball Center, and tickets are available for purchase here Those who are unable to attend the debate are able to vote here. The debate will be broadcast online after the event.

Maajid Nawaz says,

“In recent decades, acts of violence and intolerance committed by Islamists, an unrepresentative faction of Muslims, have brought Muslims and their religion into disrepute. In recent weeks, we have again seen the consequences of this in the protests against the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ and in the threats to publicly burn copies of the Qur’an. Through this debate, I hope to refute the flawed idea that violence is intrinsic to Islam and illustrate that just like Christianity and Judaism, Islam is an Abrahamic faith that can and has been a force for world peace.”


The debate is open to the public, and tickets are likely to be in high demand. People wishing to attend should buy tickets soon to avoid disappointment. Those who are unable attend, please remember to vote online.