Quilliam Media Coverage
  Terror concerns over mobile phones in prison, The Telegraph, 30/12/09
  Saudi attitudes in Birmingham, The Guardian, 23/12/09
  Let’s all celebrate Christmas. I will, Ed Husain, The Sun, 23/12/09
  The Danger of Prison Radicalization in the West, James Brandon, CTC Sentinel, 12/09
  BMSD led coalition urges Green Lane Mosque to reconsider extremist event, BMSD, 18/12/09
  British prisons: Incubators for Islamist extremism? James Brandon, Inside Time, 12/09
The Conspiracy Web, Dawn, 26/11/09
  Can a Muslim say happy Christmas to his friends? The Independent, 26/11/09
  The Story of Maajid Nawaz, Amnesty International, 24/11/09
  What is Islamism? A Muslim Replies, Ishtiaq Hussain, Religion Compass Exchange, 19/11/09

Calls to investigate jihad promotion from islamic extremists in jail, Sunday Mercury, 17/11/09
  Prisons failing to tackle extremism, claims Quilliam Foundation, East London Advertiser, 17/11/09
  Hate preacher Abu Hamza secretly gives lectures on Islam… through the water pipes of his prison cell, Daily Mail, 17/11/09
  As New York Anticipates Trying 9/11 Suspects, a New Report Condemns U.K. Prisons for Security Lapses, Newsweek, 16/11/09
  Renouncing Islamism: To the brink and back again, The Independent, 16/11/09
  Islamists ‘promote jihad in jail’, BBC News, 15/11/09
  Al-Qaeda runs jihad from British prisons, The Sunday Times, 15/11/09
  Think tank says British prisons breeding radicals, Dawn, 15/11/09
  Think tank says British prisons breeding radicals, Associated Press, 15/11/09
  Preacher linked to Fort Hood killer has support in Britain, The Times, 12/11/09
  Becoming a Muslim radical (Part 1), The Nut Graph, 10/11/09
Leaving religious extremism (Part 2), The Nut Graph, 11/11/09
  The personal jihad of Melanie Phillips, Ed Husain, The Guardian, 31/10/09
  Any Questions with Maajid Nawaz, Jacqui Smith MP, Nadine Dorries MP & Billy Hayes, Radio 4, 23/10/09
  BNP plays race card with attack on Question Time rivals, The Independent, 20/10/09
  Prevent colonialist attitudes to Muslims, Maajid Nawaz, The Guardian, 23/10/09
  A small but significant victory for democracy, Talal Rajab, The Independent, 23/10/09
  A dangerous double standard, Maajid Nawaz, The Guardian, 21/10/09
  BNP plays race card with attack on Question Time rivals, The Independent, 20/10/09
  New Quilliam Report: In Defence of British Muslims, The Conservatives, 15/10/09
  An Ed Husain v Geert Wilders debate would be great for democracy, The Telegraph, 15/10/09
  Maajid Nawaz speaks on the programme ‘In the Hot Bed of Ter-Extremism’
VOA News 12/10/09
   Ed Husain in conversation with the British Council’s Counterpoint, 12/10/09
Police play down threat from far right, Financial Times, 25/09/09
  Counter extremist think-thank urges mosques to help prevent local tension ahead of Eid, East London Advertiser, 18/09/09
  We need to confront Islamist extremists, not conciliate them, Ed Husain, The Telegraph, 12/09/09
  The BNP’s arguments should be used against them, Lucy James, The Telegraph, 09/09/09
  Airline bomb plot: mosque has been recruiting ground for 20 years, The Times, 09/09/09
  40 fanatics go free from jail, The Sun, 09/09/09
  We’ve given in to the fanatics, Ed Husain, Daily Mail, 09/09/09
  Ed Husain on the convictions of three airline bomb plotters on ITN, BBC News 24, BBC Radio 4 & 5 Live, BBC Radio 4, 08/09/09 [starts at 0854]
  Beating the extremists, Ed Husain, The Guardian, 08/09/09
  QOTU Trainer Ishtiaq Hussain discusses liquid bombing plot, LBC Radio,
  QOTU Trainer Ishtiaq Hussain defends Islam against extremism, LBC Radio, 04/09/09
Pakistan: Identity, Ideology and Beyond
Progress, 04/09/09
  Ban hate meetings, East London Advertiser, 03/09/09
  Ed Jagger and Ghaffar Hussain discuss extremism and terrorism, BFBS Radio, 27/08/09
  The BNP will lose the argument, Lucy James
The Guardian, 20/08/09
Why don’t South Asian Muslim women work outside the home?
BBC Radio 4, 19/08/09[starts at 11:26 secs]
  Anti-fascists need to protest less and focus more on taking on the BNP’s flawed ideology, Lucy James
Progress, 18/08/09
      Report exposes lies behind BNP’s anti-Muslim rhetoric
Asian News, 15/08/09
  Where is the Muslim anger over Darfur?
The Independent, 10/08/09
  Can we befriend Pakistan? Ed Husain
The Guardian, 31/07/09
  Muslim Women and Unemployment,
IslamOnline, 21/07/09



Economically inactive and raring to go: why the discrepancy among Muslim women? Anya Hart Dye
Progress, 15/07/09
  Why Muslim women are unemployed,
The Guardian, 14/07/09
      Muslim women want to work,
Asian News, 14/07/09

Muslim women in jobs can help beat extremism,
Yorkshire Post, 12/07/09
  Ed Jagger appears on BFBS Sitrep roundtable, BFBS Radio, 02/07/09
  James Brandon discusses the Iraq hostage crisis
Various, 20-25/06/09
Quilliam opposes burkha ban,
Daily Express, 24/06/09
Documentary on Quilliam’s Pakistan university tour, BBC Newsnight, 23/06/09, Part 1, Part 2
Former Islamist takes on Pakistan extremism,
BBC, 23/06/09
  UK Islam tour ‘on the road’ in Pakistan
BBC News, 23/06/09
  A chilling return to the land where once I sowed hate, Maajid Nawaz
The Observer, 21/06/09
  Israel must be a secular state for all citizens, Maajid Nawaz
The Guardian, 16/06/09
Former extremist now fights militancy in Pakistan
Associated Press, 05/06/09
  There can be no ‘Islam v the west’, Maajid Nawaz
The Guardian, 05/06/09
  If Britain puts up barricades, extremists win, Ed Husain
The Times, 22/05/09
  Could an Islamic state actually work?, Ghaffar Hussain
Pickled Politics, 10/05/09
  Liberal paralysis, Ed Husain
Progress, 01/05/09
Heir now apparent
The Economist, 27/04/09
  Just what is Quilliam?
The Guardian, 24/04/09
  SNP urged to drop ‘sectarian and divisive’ Muslim candidate
The Times, 23/04/09
  What binds Brits together?, Ed Husain
The Guardian, 15/04/09


‘Any Questions?’ with Maajid Nawaz
BBC Radio 4, 10/04/09
  Abu Qatada ‘issues jail edicts’
BBC News 05/04/09
Charity or extremist group? Maajid Nawaz
The Guardian, 31/03/09
A smart and tough approach to Islamist extremism
The Independent, 25/03/09
Maajid Nawaz on tackling the ideology behind violent extremism
BBC Radio 4, 24/03/09
The power of a hand-shake, Lucy James
The Guardian, 25/03/09
Quilliam’s response to Contest 2
BBC News, 24/03/09
Report claims Al Qaeda can recruit in UK at street level
Sunday Herald, 22/03/09
Challenging or Adding to the Confusions?
Islamonline, 15/03/09
I loved Liverpool FC, badminton and pop … until Muslim radicals made me hate Britain
The Sun, 14/03/09
We must stop appeasing Islamist extremism, Ed Husain
The Telegraph 14/03/09
Islamism and Orientalism, Ishtiaq Hussain
The Guardian 14/03/09
Ed Husain discusses report on online radicalization
BBC’s Daily Politics Show, 10/03/09
We want a more British Islam, Anya Hart Dyke
The Guardian, 2/03/09
  Director Maajid Nawaz and Zia Sardar challenge Tariq Ramadan
and Alastair Crooke 
Press TV, 27/02/09
I won’t let the death threats silence me
Evening Standard, 27/02/09
The problems with Britain’s mosques and ways forward, Anya Hart Dyke
Prospect magazine, 25/02/09
Ed Husain discusses findings from ‘Mosques Made in Britain’ report (Part 1, Part 2)
BBC World, 25/02/09
Mosques fail to tackle radicals
BBC News, 24/02/09
For how much longer? Ed Husain
The Times, 24/02/09
Maajid Nawaz debates ‘Is Islam an intolerant religion,’ BBC’s The Big Questions
The Islamist Mindset ‘Is Very Comfortable’
Der Spiegel, 17/02/09
Geert Wilders should not have been banned, Ed Husain
The Independent, 13/02/09
Maajid Nawaz debates the UK Government’s banning of Dutch MP Geert Wilders
BBC Newsnight, 12/02/09
Let us remember together, Ed Husain
The Guardian, 27/01/09
We unreservedly condemn attacks on the Jewish community
The Guardian, 16/01/09
Muslims urge end to anti-Semitism
BBC News, 16/01/09
Reining in the preachers of hate, James Brandon
The Guardian, 13/01/09
How can this happen before our eyes? Ed Husain
The Guardian, 11/01/09
Islamist Movements Recruiting in the West for the Somali Jihad
James Brandon, The Jamestown Foundation, 09/01/09
Gaza ‘could motivate UK extremists’
BBC News, 08/01/09
Muslims warn Gaza crisis could provoke extremism
Reuters, 08/01/09
Gaza conflict fuelling anger in Britian, Muslims warn Brown
The Guardian, 08/01/09
“We are witnessing a time of great anger”: Leading Muslim counter-extremism
advisers urge Gordon Brown to hold Israel accountable for its attacks on Gaza

The Guardian, 08/01/09
Mahmoud Zahar has betrayed his people, Maajid Nawaz
The Guardian, 07/01/09


Quilliam in Pakistan
   A jihad against jihadists, Jang, 22/11/09
  British think tank demands better policies to tackle extremism in Pakistan, Jang, 31/10/09 [in Urdu]
  Call to counter the ideologies which spur Islamist militancy in Pakistan, The International News, 30/10/09
  The State of Sharia, Interview with Maajid Nawaz, Dawn, 28/10/09, Part 1, Part 2
  Tackling Extremism, Maajid Nawaz, Dawn, 25/10/09
    Maajid Nawaz speaks on the programme ‘In the Hot Bed of Ter-Extremism’, VOA News
terview with Maajid Nawaz by Fatima Tariq, on Traffic Jam, Pakistani radio, 04/08/09,
Part 1, Part 2
        Interview with Maajid Nawaz on the Aliya Ney Pakistan Chorr Diya show, Geo TV, 07/09

Ripple effect, The International News, 16/07/09

UK-based group plots coup in Pakistan, The International News, 06/07/09
  Drones hurt UK anti-extremism drive-campaigner, Reuters, 03/07/09
  Interview with Maajid Nawaz, on ‘Newseye’ hosted by Saima Mohsin, Dawn News, 30/06/09, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
     Aaj TV documentary, 21/06/09, Part 1, Part 2
  ‘Counter-Spin’ show hosted by Zarrar Khorro, Dawn News, 11/06/09, Part 1, Part 2 [Maajid’s interview], Part 3

Former militant renounces extremism, Dawn, 07/06/09 


‘D-bate with Mehreen Khan’ and Maajid Nawaz, Aaj TV, 05/06/09
  ‘Rana Mubashir at Prime Time’ interviewing Maajid Nawaz, News 1, 28 & 29/05/09
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


Quilliam (United States)

Ishtiaq Hussain discusses Hizb ut-Tahrir in the USA, Chicago Radio, 19/07/09

[For more on the story]: Islamic Supremacist Group Holds First U.S. Conference, Fox News, 17/07/09


Quilliam (Arabic)
  Alhurra TV speaks to Ishtiaq Hussain, 09/11/09


Quilliam (Urdu)
  Ishtiaq Hussain takes part in a Urdu current affairs show on Venus TV
Venus TV, 09/05/09
Ishtiaq Hussain discusses the Gaza conflict, Integration and Extremism in the UK
Venus TV, 10/01/09


Quilliam (German)
  Hilfe für Aussteigen,  Interview with Ishtiaq Hussain, Deutschlandfunk, 03/12/09
      Ein Exit für Dschihadisten’, interview with Ishtiaq Hussain, 11/11/09
‘Die islamistische Weltsicht ist bequem’, interview with Ghaffar Hussain


Quilliam (Norwegian)
DagensNaeringsliv, 30/05/09 – 01/06/09



Quilliam (Sweden)

Islamist radicalization – a Swedish problem denied, Stockholm News, 03/07/09



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The Washington Post, 19/04/09
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It’s little wonder liberal Muslims feel betrayed
The Observer, 15/03/09
British Muslim leader urged to quit over Gaza
The Observer, 08/03/09
Four men jailed on terror charges
BBC News, 09/03/09