Quilliam has today released its latest publication, Modern Muslim Political Thought: The Progressive Tradition, authored by Quilliam’s Head of Outreach and Training, Ghaffar Hussain.
This booklet aims to provide an accessible guide to modern progressive trends in Muslim political thought. It also aims to raise awareness of key Muslim thinkers who have argued that secular, liberal and democratic models of governance for Muslim-majority countries are fully compatible with Islamic teachings and values.
The author, Ghaffar Hussain, said:
‘For over a century, Muslim political theoreticians have created a rich tradition of progressive political thought that seeks to harmonise Islam and liberal democratic politics. When looking at the events of the Arab Spring therefore, it is important to understand that Arab democrats are not just following the West but are also drawing on their own long-standing indigenous liberal traditions.
‘In recent years, the voices of extremists have dominated Muslim political discourse. Now however, with the advent of the Arab Spring, we are seeing the re-emergence of older democratic and liberal ideas and values that actually pre-date Islamist movements. One of the most heartening aspects of the Arab Spring is to see Muslims reclaiming not only their freedom but also their democratic heritage.’
The publication is the latest release in Quilliam’s ‘Concept Series’ of short and easy to digest publications that deal with important issues relating to democracy, extremism and Islamism. Previous publications include A Brief History of Islamism and Islamism and Language – How using the wrong words reinforces Islamist narratives.