We within TELL MAMA acknowledge that there is hate from numerous corners in our country today. This includes from those on the Far Right, including the English Defence League and those from groups like Al Muhajiroun, as well as smaller groups like the Birmingham sixwho were imprisoned about a week ago. This is why, when people make the courageous decision to leave such hate behind, we need to acknowledge and listen to their stories about why they changed their life course. We also need to make others aware that there is hope and a future beyond the friendships they may have developed within such groups.

We are therefore honoured to place the following statement from Nick Jode, an ex-EDL supporter on our site. This is his statement:

“For 3 years I was a supporter of the English Defence League until 2012. I was not a ”member” as there is no membership and I decided to stop supporting the EDL in late 2012 as I felt their agenda was different from mine. A few days ago six men pleaded guilty to charges of having the intention of blowing up an EDL march in Dewsbury which would have resorted to the murder and maiming of many people in attendance. I condemn any such violence towards anyone and these men should be sentenced within our law. But I feel it is also important to point out that the time has now come for all sides to put down their hate they have within themselves. The people who were to carry out this crime were Islamic jihadists who do not speak for every Muslim in the UK and beyond and it is now time to stop the hate. I hope someone takes notice of this as the only thing that may happen is the death of someone which I do not want to see.”

Nick can also be found on Twitter (@nickjode73).

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