On 6th December, Noman Benotman, a senior analyst at Quilliam, spoke on a panel at the Frontline Club in London on the subject of ‘Inside al-Qaeda: History, ideology and structure’. Alongside him on the panel were Maha Azzam of Chatham House, Camille Tawil of al-Hayat newspaper and the journalist Deepak Tripathi.
The event was fully-booked and discussions were enthusiastic with much participation from the audience. Noman Benotman spoke of his own experiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and identified ‘more freedom and democracy in the Middle East’ as being essential to the ultimate defeat of al-Qaeda and groups like it.
After the event concluded, discussions between panelists and audience members continued until almost midnight – evidence both of the importance of this topic and of how contentious discussions of al-Qaeda can be.
The event was recorded and can be viewed online here.