The Pakistani Army has recently arrested a group of senior officers, among them a one star General, for suspected links to Hizb ut Tahrir (HT), an Islamist group that both Quilliam’s founding Directors formerly belonged to. HT is a global Islamist organisation that seeks to forcibly annex all Muslim-majority countries into one global super-state, usurping the name ‘Caliphate’ for this state.
The last such plot by HT in Pakistan was uncovered in 2003. Quilliam has long warned of suchplots by HT to infiltrate the armies of Muslim-majority countries.

HT is not a terrorist outfit, although its claims that it is non-violent are inaccurate. To attempt to overthrow democracies via military coups is a violent and illegal act.  This incident is the most recent in a long line of suspected HT involvement in coup plots in Muslim-majority nations, not just in Pakistan.

In light of this recent episode, considering the very specific vulnerabilities and challenges that Pakistani society faces today and in expectation of this age of upheavals across the MENA region, Quilliam has decided to release an open letter to all armies of Muslims-majority countries in order to de-mystify and de-romanticise the message of HT using citations from their own literature. The letter is attached to this Press Release.

Quilliam stands ready to cooperate with the Pakistani Armed Forces, or the armed forces of any other nation, in advising how best to insulate officers against the Islamist message and to distinguish that message from the good faith of Islam.

The open letter is available to download here.