Maajid Nawaz to Address a Public Gathering for the First Time About the SPLC Listing Him as an Anti-Muslim Extremist


Maajid Nawaz has just landed in New York City where he will address a public gathering for the first time anywhere in the world about the Southern Poverty Law Center listing him as an anti-Muslim extremist, and how we will be taking the challenge directly to them in their homeland.

At this US launch event for Quilliam International, and while surrounded by his American Muslim supporters, including Imams and Muslim activists, Maajid will reveal previously undisclosed information about his SPLC campaign, and how it relates to Quilliam’s US launch.

Maajid believes the vocal activism of today’s left has over-stepped the mark, leaving reforming liberal Muslims and ex-Muslims sandwiched between right-wing “Islamophobia” and left-wing “Islamophilia”.

This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the man who is stopping the mega-rich, out-of-control SPLC in their tracks.


Places are limited. Please apply for a free entry ticket now by emailing [email protected].

Press to arrive for 4pm EST
Public to arrive at 5pm EST