LONDON – Maajid Nawaz, the founder of the counter-extremism organisation, Quilliam International, is now on the second day of his hunger strike to address the ongoing genocide of Uighur Muslim people in East Turkestan.

His goal is to secure a debate in the UK Parliament on the imposition of Maginsky Act style sanctions on individuals who are responsible for gross human rights violations, and is promoting the following petitions:

  • UK Citizens sign the petition by clicking HERE
  • Non- UK Citizens sign the petition by clicking HERE

He has called for support and action from civil society, including all political parties and in particular Muslim organisations.

Maajid will not be doing his LBC show on Saturday and Sunday to focus on meditation whilst on his hunger strike.

Tune into a special Facebook Live session on the 19th July at 12:00pm UK time, on his Facebook stream to see how he is getting on and also learn about a toolkit on how you can get involved further

Maajid Nawaz said:

“Genocide against Uigur Muslims in East Turkestan is currently taking place. Up to two million people are being held in concentration camps. Uighurs are suffering repression, torture and the plundering of their bodies for spare parts for the organ transplant market.

The world seems to have turned a blind eye to this abuse. We appear to care more about globalised supply chains, cheap labour and greed than fairness and respect for fundamental human rights. As a result, civil society and our political establishment is at risk of being politically, morally and economically compromised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China has been backed by many Muslim-majority nations: many of them human rights abusers themselves: including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. It is therefore up to the citizens of the democratic West to make a stand.”

“China has been working hard to build influence in our mainstream political parties in the United Kingdom. We can’t allow them to corrupt our body politic. That is why I am calling on the Conservative Party to

  • explicitly distance itself from Cameron & Osborne’s links to the CCP’s UK Comintern Group 48
  • recognise the Uigur genocide
  • pass UK Magnitsky sanctions on the CCP
  • disclose any CCP linked party funding

I make a similar call to the Liberal Democrats, which should also explicitly distance themselves from Clegg’s ex-election guru Ryan Coatzee’s work for the CCP at the PR firm Consulum. We should expect the same of the Labour Party, which should explicitly distance themselves from Diane Abbott’s recent remarks in defence of the genocidal CCP regime.

Media and business must also play their part. We should stop using Chinese technology services, including Zoom and TikTok. Companies should consider whether their supply chains are funding exploitation, persecution, and misery. “

Maajid has called in particular on Muslim organisations to join in the campaign to end the repression of Uighur Muslims. He said:

“To the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim World League and Muslim Aid: please put out a press release asking Muslims to sign the petition. Even a tweet would be better than nothing.”

Maajid’s hunger strike will continue until the Parliamentary petition reaches 100,000 signatures, qualifying it for consideration for a debate in the UK Parliament.


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