On 28th December 2008, the Quilliam Foundation issued the following press release:
The six-month ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Egypt, has expired. In response to a series of Hamas rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, Israel has launched its deadliest attack on Gaza in decades, killing over 200 people, including civilians, and injuring hundreds more. The hugely disproportionate killing of Palestinians by Israeli forces has not been seen on this scale since the Six-Day War in 1967.
Ed Husain, the Quilliam Foundation’s co-Director, said:
“The UK Government cannot seek to win hearts and minds across Muslim communities while failing to stop Israel from murdering Palestinians en masse. Gordon Brown and David Miliband have reached out to Damascus and Darfur in recent weeks in an attempt to bring peace and stand for fairness. That is commendable. And in that spirit, where is the outright condemnation of Israeli atrocities and pressure on Israel to stop its inhumane operations?
Perceived double standards from our Government and the current green light (from Washington and London) to Israel’s killing machine will strengthen Al Qaeda’s metanarrative and radicalize yet another generation of young Muslims.
Isolating and angering millions of Muslims by sitting on the fence will not aid the PREVENT agenda, or the moderate majority of Muslims. The FCO and Downing Street has a duty to stand, condemn, and call for immediate cessation of Israel’s military operations, and end the siege”.