Quiliam’s thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Details are continuing to emerge on the motive and personal background around the perpetrator of the attacks, but it is clear that this deadly attack surpasses recent similar mass shooting incidents such as the Pulse nightclub massacre which killed at least 49 people in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016 and the San Bernardino attack in San Bernardino, California which killed 14 people.

In addition, there is uncorroborated information from various extremist forums that have claimed credit for the attack, including suggesting the attacker might have been a convert to Islam and a member of ISIS. However, Quilliam cannot confirm this to be fact at the time of writing this. We need to wait for the authorities to conduct their investigation before people buy into the claim from ISIS. We urge anyone with any information that could help the authorities to come forward.

As the world’s first counter-extremist organization, and with recently established offices in North America, more than ever before, we stand firm in our dedication to counter extremism in all its forms. Building on over a decade of successful global efforts in combatting extremism, we stand in solidarity with Americans and the global community to find and root out the ideological basis and motivations behind extremist activities, whether they be the brutal actions of the perpetrator behind this mass shooting or other forms of extremism and terrorism motivated by race, ethnicity, or religion.

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Quilliam Executive Director, North America, and a US resident:

“We must stand firm in denouncing extremist efforts to disrupt the social order of society, whether they be mass shootings due to personal ideological motivations or international terrorism connected to global transnational movements. Our efforts in the United States are to address the root causes of these efforts and also to bring individuals back from the brink if they choose or go down that path. Today reminds us all that, more than ever before, our work is not only important but absolutely necessary and vital.”

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