Quiliam International is pleased to present ‘The Quilliam Files’, a series of regular, short briefings detailing some of the analysis, outreach, training and deradicalisation projects spearheaded by our President, Noman Benotman.

Noman was one of the founders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a Salafi jihadist group which aimed to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi. After leaving the LIFG, Noman played a central role in the disbanding of the group and the deradicalisation of its former members.

Drawing on these experiences, Noman has become one of the foremost analysts and practitioners of deradicalisation in the work. His work includes:

• Analysing Jihadists trends around the world – online and offline
• Providing strategic consultancy to public and private organisations
• Co-ordinating outreach to political activists in the MENA region
• Providing training in tactics used by trans-nationalist Jihadists
• Training on refuting “Jihadi War Theory”
• Providing training and working with policy makers and practitioners to raise awareness of the dynamics of Islamist
radicalization and deradicalization
• Deradicalization of “Jihadist soldiers”

In the Quilliam Files, we present a series of snapshots of this work, in the form of concise, focused briefings.

We hope that the Quilliam Files will shed light on these good practices and result in further development of a comprehensive CT structure, as well as provide innovative ideas and resources for new CT programs that build upon the existing framework developed by Quilliam.

Access the first Quilliam Files please click here.

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