Quiliam International is pleased to present its first policy report in North America, titled, “Transforming the Hate that Hate Produced: An Analysis of the History and Counter-Radicalization Efforts of the Community of Imam WD Muhammad.”

Since its inception, the longest and most comprehensive de-radicalization program in the US has largely gone unnoticed and forgotten. While Islamist terror and extremism may seem like a modern-day security issue, the Community of Imam W. Deen Muhammad (CWDM), led by the son of the late Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad, has been quietly implementing an incredibly effective counter-radicalization program for over four decades.

Our latest report provides a uniquely comprehensive breakdown of the African American Muslim experience and the tools developed by the community, for the community, to shield its members from the pull of radical Islamist narratives.

We hope that this report will shed light on these good practices and result in further development of the CWDM structure, as well as provide innovative ideas and resources for new CVE programs that build upon the existing framework developed by CWDM.

As the world’s first counter-extremism organization and with offices in North America, we continue to provide evidence based and empirical research that furthers understanding of how communities can remain resilient against extremism and looking for strategies for success.

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, Quilliam North America, and a US resident:

“As a member of, and with generations of family members hailing from the oldest indigenous Muslim community in America, our story of inter-faith and intra-faith collaboration has been paramount to our progress. The community has always stayed true to working hard on social justice issues and engaging in critical dialogue with opposing and differing viewpoints. It is critical that we recognize the balance needed to fight extremism and engage civil society, as well as religious and local communities in a holistic approach — the community of the late Imam WD Muhammad, serves as one such example.”

Download the report here.

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