The media must stop showcasing Anjem Choudary

Choudary is a dangerous hate preacher and an inspirer of terrorism. It is irresponsible to treat his utterances as public entertainment

We can expect Choudary to try to push the boundaries of his conditions of release. If he does so, he should be met with a zero tolerance response

David Toube, Director of Policy, Quilliam International, said:

“Anjem Choudary is the Pied Piper of Jihad. Half of Choudary’s success came from the direct contact that he had with potential recruits, some of whom were vulnerable individuals. However, the other half was down to the extensive media coverage which was given to his public antics. Choudary is a clever man, and knows how to play the media. If we want to stop him from resuming his old tricks as a dangerous hate preacher and an inspirer of terrorism, it is vital that we stop treating him as a cartoon villain. Even subject to restrictions, Choudary remains a serious threat.”

Haras Rafiq, CEO, Quilliam International, added:

“We know from past experience that Anjem Choudary is a master at gaming the system. He will make use of any ambiguity in the conditions governing his release to return to his old habits. If he strays one millimetre outside those conditions, he must not be given the benefit of the doubt.

“Choudary is only banned from attending certain named mosques. We understand that it would be difficult to prevent him from attending any religious functions. However, we are concerned that he will try to radicalise others at any mosque he visits. The ability of the police to stop Choudary causing more harm to our country will be the true test of the effectiveness of the conditions to which he is subject.”

Anjem Choudary, 51, will move to a hostel in London after serving half of a five-and-a-half-year sentence for “inviting support” for Islamic State. During his probational release, he will be closely monitored by the police, probation and security services under public protection arrangements intended to prevent him from radicalising and inspiring others. He will also be tagged and subject to restrictions including a night-time curfew.

Choudary will be banned from preaching at or attending certain mosques and will only be allowed to interact with pre-approved individuals. He will be allowed one phone that he must hand over to officials whenever they request it and will be banned from using an internet-enabled device without permission. If he does use the internet he will be closely supervised.


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