Quilliam Press Releases


Quilliam responds to attempted coup in Bangladesh 19 January 2012                                                                                                           



Quilliam concerned : New Iraqi Government executes 34 people in ‘Counter-Terror’ policy   31 January 2012


Quilliam responds to leaked NATO report on Afghanistan  1 February 2012


Quilliam responds to Abu Qatada situation      7 February 2012


Quilliam Invites Consideration of Phased ‘Smart’ Lifting of Arms Embargo at London’s Somalia Conference   23 February 2012

  Allegedly Al-Qaeda’s First Successful Homegrown Attack in France 21 March 2012
  Former Radical and Leading Islamic Scholar Dr Usama Hasan Joins Quilliam 2 May 2012
  Maajid Nawaz: Radical: My Journey from Islamist Extremism to a Democratic Awakening 9 May 2012
  Human Rights: A Frontline Defence in Combating Terrorism 22 May 2012
  Quilliam Urges Action on Syria Crisis 6 June 2012
  Rising Jihadism in Libya : the Abdul Rahman Brigade’s Goal in Attacking Western Targets 13 June 2012