Quilliam Press Releases
  Quilliam writes open letter to UK’s Channel 4, 27/11/2010
  Quilliam responds to BBC report on Muslim schools, 22/11/2010
  Quilliam releases ‘The Other Face of Al-Qaeda’, 17/11/2010
  Ofcom rules against Islam Channel following Quilliam report, 08/11/2010
  Quilliam welcomes YouTube decision on radical speaker, 04/11/2010
  Quilliam Launches Training and Consultancy Services in North America, 12/10/2010
  Official launch of counter-extremism social movement in Pakistan, 07/10/2010
  Maajid Nawaz to challenge Islam critics in New York, USA, 23/09/2010
  Ed Husain to join US Council on Foreign Relations, 21/09/2010
  Former leading jihadist calls on al-Qaeda to abandon armed struggle, 09/09/2010
  Former Jihadist leader joins Quilliam, 31/08/2010

A thousand Muslims to receive anti-extremism training, 03/08/10


‘Khudi’, new Pakistani social movement launches, 28/06/10

  Major Campaign to Improve Image of Islam, 07/06/10
  Passing of Shaikh Abdul Aziz al-Bukhari, 04/06/10
  Pakistan’s leading rock star promotes pluralism and counters extremism, 25/05/10
  Quilliam calls for U.S. government to adopt counter-radicalisation strategy, 06/05/10
  Prestigious CBS ‘60 Minutes’ programme profiles Quilliam’s work, 26/04/10
  Quilliam’s Progress Report 2009 – 2010, 20/04/10
  Anti-terrorism fatwa launch in London tomorrow, 01/03/10
  Senior Saudi cleric orders the killing of Muslims who permit gender interaction, 24/02/10
  Bombings in Iraq and Pakistan expose implications of takfiri ideology, 05/02/10
  Quilliam lau
nches new ‘Concept Series’
, 22/01/10
  Quilliam announces new head of advisory board, 19/01/10
  Quilliam Director challenges Islam4UK leader on Newsnight, 13/01/10


Passenger Profiling Risks Damaging Counter Terrorism Efforts, 04/01/10


Quilliam Briefings
  Al-Qaeda relations with the Taliban: an unhappy marriage? 01/12/2010
  New Quilliam report published – Skin-Deep Democracy, 14/11/2010
  Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), 02/11/2010
  Radicalisation on British University Campuses: a case study, 18/10/2010
  New Quilliam Report – Cheering for Osama: How jihadists use internet discussion forums, 27/09/2010 
  Quilliam’s Progress Report 2009 – 2010, 20/04/10
  New Quilliam Report – Re-programming British Muslims: A study of the Islam Channel, 26/03/10