Quilliam Press Releases
  Quilliam statement on England looting incidents, 11/08/2011
  Quilliam reaction to Norway attacks, 23/07/2011
  Al-Qaeda plans cartoon movie for children, 20/07/2011
  Open Letter to the Armed Forces of Muslim-majority countries concerning Hizb ut-Tahrir, 24/06/2011
  Summit Against Violent Extremism (SAVE), 23/06/2011
  Ayman al-Zawahiri appointed leader of Al-Qaeda, 16/06/2011
  Extremists plan to hijack royal wedding, 27/04/2011
  New military abuses in Afghanistan, 22/03/2011
  Quilliam praised in parliament as government cuts funding, 16/03/2011
  Quilliam on the Libyan crisis, 08/03/2011
  Middle East Uprisings, 08/03/2011
  Senior British Islamist praises Osama bin Laden,
  Quilliam statement on latest Pakistani assassination, 02/03/2011
  Understanding the Libyan uprising, 22/2/2011
  Quilliam welcomes new UK direction on extremism, 05/02/2011
  Quilliam coverage of the Egyptian crisis


Quilliam Briefings
   Quilliam urges caution: It is not over yet in Libya, 22/08/2011
  Libya after General Younis’s murder: Q and A with Noman Benotman, 03/08/2011
  Before & After the Norway Massacre – Symbiosis between anti-Muslim Extremists and Islamist Extremists, 28/07/2011
  New Political Parties Launched in Egypt, 27/06/2011

Quilliam’s response to UK government’s new ‘Prevent’ policy, 07/06/2011

  The coming struggle within al-Qaeda, 10/05/2011
  The jihadist threat in Libya, 24/03/2011
  Quilliam on the Libyan crisis, 08/03/2011
  British Imam receives death threats, 07/03/2011
  Building a Libyan coalition, 28/02/2011
  Understanding the Libyan uprising, 22/2/2011
  Quilliam on the Egyptian crisis
  Pre-empting al-Qaeda in Egypt, 11/01/2011
  Quilliam briefing: The Assassination of Salman Taseer, 05/01/2011