Prestigious CBS ‘60 Minutes’ programme profiles Quilliam’s work

26 April 2010

Quilliam’s counter-extremism work has been the subject of the latest edition of CBS’ ’60 Minutes’, one of the US’s most prominent and influential current affairs TV programmes.

The programme’s lead 14-minute segment, entitled ‘Jihadists and The Narrative’, focuses on Quilliam director Maajid Nawaz’s involvement in a hard-line Islamist group and on his subsequent decision to reject Islamism — while remaining Muslim — and to co-found Quilliam to directly challenge extremism in all its forms.

First aired on Sunday evening in America, the programme also covers Quilliam’s ground-breaking work in Pakistan, its regular events in British universities and its wider efforts to puncture Islamist narratives.

Maajid Nawaz says:

‘Today, as this programme shows, I believe that Muslim-led organizations need to do more to actively undermine the ideas and aims of the terrorism-sympathising groups that fester in our midst – condemning terrorist violence is not enough. And in this battle of ideas, governments cannot shy away from taking sides. Such past blunders have resulted in our present malaise.

‘For how much longer will we try to tackle terrorism, without uprooting the narrative and ideology behind Islamist violence? This programme helps explain the challenges that we all face.’

The programme can be watched online here.

Quilliam’s annual progress report can be downloaded here.